In the Morning, When I Rise

Photo by Terry Tan De Hao on Unsplash
In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there. ~ Mark 1:35

How do you start your morning? Is your first inclination to rise up out of your bed, rub the weariness from your eyes, and immediately fall to your knees, prostrated before the Lord Your God in humble adoration of His sustaining grace?

In this passage of Mark, we see Christ arise before the others and take time to be with His Father before the working grind of the day set in. This time of seclusion and devotion to the Father was a necessary rejuvenation for our beloved Savior, and as we can see in Luke 5:16, this was a standard practice of His, and should be of us as well:

But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. ~ Luke 5:16

It is difficult to see past the immediate needs of the hour. To look at the tasks before you and give glory to God, asking Him for all strength and diligence in completing those tasks, as well as keeping in mind the needs of others. Taking time to be alone with our Father is the way we communicate these concerns, and though it is possible to commune with our Lord at any time and in any locale, it is all too common to fall into the dreary pit of distraction, leaving our Lord God hanging in the middle of an unfinished dialogue.

Charles H. Spurgeon, who was a man dedicated to leading his ministry with prayer, had this to say:

“Souls abiding in Jesus open the day with prayer; prayer surrounds them as an atmosphere all day long; at night they fall asleep praying. I have known them even [to] dream a prayer” (MTP 34:15)


The days are long and the concerns of each one are many, but God who has called us into His glorious light, deserves not only our ceaseless praise but, most importantly, the best of our praise. He has given us hope of a life with Him. He raised us up when we were dead in our trespasses, and He set us forth on a path to holiness for His Name’s sake. By His grace alone we are saved, through faith, and this salvation is given freely, though the cost, if accepted, must be carefully counted. It is our duty and great joy to praise Him in the morning and in the evening, and to follow Him all of our days.

Let me encourage you to start your day in communion with your Lord. Command your first thought upon waking and your last thought before you enter into the evening’s rest to be on things above, where your Father dwells. Let that morning and evening time set the tone for the day, and then bring it to a glorifying and humble completion.

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