Number One Reason We Plant Churches

Recently Aaron Proffitt wrote a piece which wrecked my world and lifted me up from my desk and brain wallowing in the minutiae. The article is worth your time and can be found here.

There is a laundry list of reasons why the church of Jesus must have a roaring conviction for the planting of more churches, including (but not limited to) the following:
Church Planting is the main catalyst for God’s global redemptive mission
Church planting is the main strategy for God’s great commission.
Church planting is the main means for making disciples.
Church planting is the main avenue for the redeeming and reshaping of culture.
Church planting is the most effective plan of action for evangelism.
Church planting is the best way to reach lost people, neighborhoods, cities, and nations for Christ.
Church planting is necessary to remedy an otherwise global church decay.
As wonderful as these reasons are, there is another that stands above them all. We plant churches for one singular reason: the glory of God! Every other reason, however important it may be, is merely a distant second.

Originally published at Aaron is the Lead Pastor of Aletheia Church in Tampa, FL. He also serves as the Acts 29 Area Lead for Tampa/St. Petersburg Area in the US Southeast Network. Aaron and Ashlee have been married since May 20, 2005. They have four children: Drew (6.16.2007), Aaden (10.8.2008–11.15.2008), Asher (2.20.2010), and Adelee (5.29.2012). Contact Aaron at