We want you to know this first.

We are rebranding Trellius simply because we are growing into new horizons.

Our team is always looking to be more productive so we created more effective in-house tools and systems and we want others to share in this experience at the same time knowing that people have and need different ways of planning their day, week and life. So, we created Trellius, just this last year with the plan to build a better way for our users to plan things in any way that they want and like.

It has been just a little more than three months ago since we launched our product and thank you all 20,000 plus users for your support, insight and love of planning. We’ve done a lot of things in these last 3 months together Google Chrome, preparing for Trello Power-Up, several new features and functions and we plan to continue to grow giving you better more convenient ways to plan.

Recently Trellius became a new power up with Trello and it became clear that we outgrew our name so we have discussed with Trello that before we promote the power-up with them that we will have rebranded our product to Planyway.

There are different things in it for you, our current user, that we’ll inform you about in the next few weeks but next, we’ll send out our official Rebranding letter to you and the general public.

Sergey Koshevoy, CEO