Introducing Plasma Group

Ethereum Optimism
Jan 31, 2019 · 2 min read

TLDR: We’ve created a simple way to deploy your own plasma chains.

Hello world! We are excited to announce a full service plasma toolbox for deploying, transacting on, building with, and developing on plasma chains.

This implementation set foot in the aftermath of devconIV. Though it’s an unaudited beta release, we hope it will lay the groundwork for a community-driven initiative to make plasma a tool for decentralization for everyone.

You can deploy your own plasma chain from the command line or connect to a plasma chain that we’ve deployed and send transactions via a command line wallet. This implementation is written in Javascript and Vyper, and includes a library of plasma utilities for those who want to build on top of it.

About us

Plasma Group is dedicated to the creation of an open plasma implementation for the greater Ethereum community. It’s our mission to push layer 2 scaling forward by exploring the full potential of the plasma framework. Together, we’ll build towards realizing the vision of a more decentralized future.


No matter who you are, you can be a part of this community. Anyone can contribute, and we need your expertise to make this a success. Find a list of our repositories here. Click through to each one to discover contributable issues.


We would like to give resounding thanks to our donors: OmiseGO and independent individuals within the OMG community, LinkTime, Status, ConsenSys, and Gitcoin. Thank you all so much for your contributions — we are so incredibly grateful.

Relevant Links

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