PlasmaPay Announce Partnership Agreement with Vendetta Capital

Oct 9, 2020 · 2 min read

Another day brings another exciting partnership agreement, this time with Vendetta Capital, a global blockchain advisory and investment firm. Vendetta has a wealth of experience in the blockchain industry spanning multiple fields including investing, portfolio management, and capital markets.

This is fantastic news for PlasmaPay as we ramp up our international outreach before our token generation event. Vendetta will add their considerable expertise to the project, helping to fulfil our mission of bringing DeFi to the masses.

A spokesperson for Vendetta said:

“Traditional finance is on the brink of a crisis due to unorganized governments and the control of monopolized communities. We firmly believe PlasmaPay will usher in a new era that opens decentralized finance opportunities to the traditional finance world. PlasmaPay has the potential to make a significant step towards a more decentralized finance world where more individuals are truly financially free.“

Ilia Maksimenka, CEO of PlasmaPay added:

“We’re delighted to bring on Vendetta Capital who share our vision of a world in which everyone can enjoy personal financial freedom. Vendetta is a global firm with fantastic reach in the industry. We are sure this partnership will bring great benefits to PlasmaPay, and the wider defi sector.”

About PlasmaPay:
PlasmaPay is a global cryptocurrency wallet and digital payments dApp (decentralized application) that provides fiat on/off ramp services via mobile and desktop apps to users from over 165 countries. Individuals and businesses can use the upcoming PlasmaPay dashboard to buy, sell or exchange digital assets and also send or receive cross-border payments. Built on their own public blockchain tech called the Plasma DLT (distributed ledger technology), PlasmaPay aims to be the missing link that connects the underbanked and unbanked population with the DeFi ecosystem to provide them financial services without banks.

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