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PLASMAworlds: A love that hurts -Part 2 — Focused Minds

“Humans, robots, aliens, beasts, monsters and all those of the like, drown daily in an infinite sea of worry, fear, hope, doubt and possibility. And while the difference can not always be defined they are never the same. And while one thing is happening in one life in one moment, there is also always the uncountable orchestra of universal happenings happening to all things breathing and dead at the same time. All this. All in unique ways. Change is inevitable. Never forget.” -BEY

Part 2: The Focused Minds




PLASMAworlds is a story world that tells enthralling sci-fi stories set in Africa year 2086 and alien worlds. Worlds Away.

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Anwar Bey

Anwar Bey

Founder of Mind Traveler Design. Creator of PLASMAworlds.

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