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PLASMAworlds: A love that hurts -Part 4— Are we on 10 yet? (The Finale)

“Focus. With as much intensity as you can possibly muster. Focus. On all that is now. Focus on the present. Relish in the realization that every choice you have ever made has brought you to this very moment. Know. Notice that there has never been right and there has never been wrong. Know that those are ideas, fabrications of a reality based on the interim agreement of the society before you. Focus. Breath. See. Smell. Feel your fingers caress whatever is beneath them. Experience one by one all the senses you have and get into the




PLASMAworlds is a story world that tells enthralling sci-fi stories set in Africa year 2086 and alien worlds. Worlds Away.

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Anwar Bey

Anwar Bey

Founder of Mind Traveler Design. Creator of PLASMAworlds.

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