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PLASMAworlds NFT -ROADMAP 04.2022

Hello Moondogs — you are the PLASMAworlds community

It's been what feels like forever since we have put together a PLASMAworlds update. But there hasn't been a moment in even a single day that PLASMAworlds hasn't been progressed. Building a future where Africa and science fiction merge seamlessly and thus new future societies are built using the highest technology possible is a task we are committed to. It starts with the story and the art and the book and then one day it will be entire cities of African thrive.




PLASMAworlds is a story world that tells enthralling sci-fi stories set in Africa year 2086 and alien worlds. Worlds Away.

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Anwar Bey

Anwar Bey

Founder of Mind Traveler Design. Creator of PLASMAworlds.

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