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10 Startups Rockin’ the Music Industry; NicheStreem; Spotify Buys MightyTV


10 Exciting Tech Startups Rockin’ the Music Industry in
We researched the 10 most interesting tech startups which will rock the music industry in 2017.

Music streaming startup NicheStreem selected for US

Cape Town-based music streaming service startup NicheStreem, has been selected to participate in the US-based Peacetech Accelerator. The programme will take place over eight weeks and focuses on scaling up cloud-based startups and non-profits. It is hosted in collaboration with C5, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and PeaceTech Lab.

Spotify furthers its programmatic offering with MightyTV
Spotify has today (March 27) announced its second purchase in under a month with the acquisition of MightyTV, a content-matching service that has been dubbed “Tinder for TV”. The move also brings its MightyTV chief executive and adtech veteran Brian Adams within its ranks, as the music-streaming service continues to rollout its data-led offering to advertisers.

Musicians: Some info about Streaming and how to make the most
The biggest issue these days for musicians is not necessarily what to write a song about, it’s trying to find a streaming service that doesn’t leave you wondering if you’ll ever get paid for your…

PPL and PRS for Music reveal plan to link data
Removing walls between data silos remains one of the music industry’s key challenges in 2017. PPL and PRS for Music are taking a step in the right direction

Beats 1 is ‘the Biggest Radio Station in the World’, Says Apple
Apple Music executives Jimmy Iovine, Zane Lowe, Robert Kondrk, and Larry Jackson spoke to The Verge over the weekend about their work with the…

How Daniel Became Goliath : A Chat With Daniel Ek, Founder of
After almost two decades of decline, music industry revenues are finally starting to recover again and a lot of the credit goes to one guy: Spotify’s Daniel Ek. Ironically, Spotify was backed by the…

Music, Money and Metadata — Part 2 — The Promise of The
The music business has become a big data business. With millions of songs streaming every day from countless internet and mobile platforms.

ANiUTa, the new music streaming service for anime

Spotify has made life convenient for me and millions of music lovers all around the world, but the one area it’s lacking in is Japanese music. Why is that? That’s because the Japanese music labels have plans of their own with a new paid subscription service. Introducing ANiUTa, a collaboration between several Japanese record companies.

Music Streaming Service BlueJay Music Seeks £150,000 Through Invesdor
BlueJay Music, a London-based music streaming service, has recently launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on Invesdor. The company is currently seeking.



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