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116M US Consumers Bought Music Last Year; SoundStorming Debuts New Social Music App; A List of Live Virtual Concerts to Watch; How TikTok Takes the Tunes Out of Pop

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116M US Consumers Bought Music Last Year, Highest Number Since
The rebound in music consumption continued in 2019 thanks to continued growth in the streaming market, according to MusicWatch’s 2019 Annual Music Study.

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SoundStorming Debuts New Social Music

9 out of 10 artists are left forever undiscovered. Chances are, the next potential hit by an undiscovered artist is stashed away in a garbled voice memo right now.

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Bandcamp Is Waiving Its Revenue Share This Friday to Support Artists Amid
To support artists during the coronavirus pandemic, online music marketplace Bandcamp will waive its revenue share on all sales made Friday, March 20.

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Ben Gibbard Announces ‘Live From Home’ Daily Live
Death Cab For Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard will perform daily live streams in response to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.


How You Should Support Independent Musicians Right

“People are going to have to look out for one another, or else this economy will just collapse,” says one indie singer-songwriter about the coronavirus crisis. Rolling Stone asked the music business how fans can help.

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A List Of Live Virtual Concerts To Watch During The Coronavirus
We’re updating a list of live musical performances from around the world, categorized by date and genre.

Tiktok took tunes pop renegade no melody rap feat

How TikTok Is Taking the Tunes out of
The rise of “Lottery” and no-melody rap is causing a seismic sonic shift in the hip-hop of the next generation — we dig into how TikTok is the root cause.


China’s Music Industry Should Change Its Tune on Copyright
The industry’s intellectual property woes stem more from poor practices than malicious pirates.

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‘It’s the End of the World as We Know It,’ ‘I Will Survive’ & More Songs Surge in the Time of
As the world adjusts to life in self-quarantine while the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has continued to spread, many familiar songs about the world ending, or, reversely, humans surviving, have surged in sales and streams.

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Audiam founder publishes ‘definitive guide to Spotify royalties’
The report clocks in at 50 pages, and Price thinks that’s a comment in itself on the state of the current streaming ecosystem.

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Bono Live Streams Brand New Song ‘Let Your Love Be Known’

Bono wrote up a song about an hour before he hopped on a live stream on Tuesday (March 17) to broadcast it for all his fans.


New Sonos app and operating system coming in
Sonos is launching a new app in June, alongside new software for its speakers.

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MOD Devices Announces Partnership with Cycling ’74 for Cross-Platform Integration with New MOD

MOD Devices is announcing a partnership with American music-software developer Cycling ‘74.

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‘TikTok for musicians’ Jamiphy joins Y Combinator

We wrote about startup Jamiphy in August 2019 after we spotted its profile pop up on an investment website.



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