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2 Key Trends to Watch in Music Streaming; Spotify’s ‘Top Fan’ Feature Delights, Confuses Music Fans; Germans Continue Digital Migration

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2 Key Trends to Watch in Music
The RIAA’s 2019 revenue report reveals a few key details about the industry.

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Spotify’s ‘Top Fan’ Feature Is Delighting And Confusing Music Fans

Spotify rolled out its Top Fans feature. So, naturally, folks all over the internet are trying to work out how to become one.

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Music streaming services mishandle our data — and our culture is paying for
Major music streaming services and media outlets lack an understanding of how new music culture evolves, but they still hold the power to determine success.

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Germans Continue Digital Migration as Streaming Jumps 27%, Generating Nearly $1B in
Streaming now accounts for 55% of total revenue in Germany, where the CD format saw its market share erode from 36.4% to 29% in one year.


How to Get Playlisted on Spotify And Maximize Your Playlist

Most of the artists shouldn’t really treat Spotify — or any other streaming service — as a revenue source. Streaming services are, first and foremost, a promotion platform.

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How Blockchain Technology Will Be Beneficial to Music
Blockchain Technology can revolutionize the music industry by providing users with their choice of Payment, easy tracking facilities, etc.

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Artists, Labels ‘Scale’ Business With Advance Capital From Stem, CoVenture
Beginning today, music artists and indie labels have access to a new stream of funding.

Age of creators

The Age of the
We are moving progressively into a market dynamic in which creators are being empowered by technology to have greater direct control of their output…

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Spotify teams up with MBC’s Shahid for six-month MENA

Spotify is part of a new bundle in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, but rather than a telco contract, this partnership involves a video streaming service.


Girl, Put Your Records

Honesty time. When it comes to discovering new music, I’ve been pretty lazy this past decade and just listening to old playlists and music I used to like.

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Vinyl sales continue to grow, but does music sound better on a record or digital streaming?
Vinyl records are set to generate more revenue for the Australian music industry than CDs this year, but it appears to have nothing to do with how the music actually sounds.

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A Week After His Death, Pop Smoke’s Music Is All Over The Billboard
Pop Smoke was killed last month. but his music lives on, and millions have been listening to him since the tragedy.



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