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8 Takeaways From Spotify’s Public Offering Filing; YouTube Music Launch Nixed for SXSW (*But Tuma Basa Joins the Team)


Eight Takeaways From Spotify’s Public Offering
Spotify’s public offering registration statement offers an illuminating view of the Swedish company’s past, present and potential future.

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YouTube Music Service Launch Won’t Happen at
Google says it has no plans to launch its new YouTube Music subscription service at SXSW in Austin, Texas this month.

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Tuma Basa, Outgoing Curator for Spotify’s RapCaviar Playlist, Heading to
Tuma Basa, Spotify’s outgoing global programming head of hip-hop, is heading to YouTube, sources tell Billboard.

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Why can’t we work out a technological solution for music distribution?

While the challenge is clearly more complicated than music revenues, the bottom line is, nothing technological is getting in the way of giving artists a fair deal vis-a-vis the music listener.


Paste Music and Daytrotter made a free app for live music
You have a few options when it comes to streaming music and whether you’re subscribed to Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or something else, there’s a lot of music r…

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Going public pits Spotify’s suggestions against
The secret to Spotify’s public market debut is actually an acquisition it made in 2014. The Echo Nest was powering music recommendations for Beats Music,..

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iHeartRadio Preparing for
iHeartMedia Inc., the broadcast and internet radio company that owns internet station iHeartRadio, is preparing for bankruptcy that could happen as soon as this weekend.

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Copyrights — An Overlooked IP Protection That Shouldn’t Be Ignored
Copyright protection is an often overlooked component of an intellectual property portfolio. However it is important to consider pursuing copyright protection in order to provide a more robust intellectual property portfolio.

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Stream David Byrne’s New Album, ‘American Utopia’
David Byrne’s first solo album since 2004 is a brilliantly brainy attempt to make some sense of this inexplicable, mind-bending world.

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Google launched a simple browser-based sequencer for making
Chrome Music Lab has launched a new music creation tool called Song Maker. A browser-based experience, Song Maker is a sequencer that allows you to program loops for two different instruments of your choosing, then save it or send to someone else for collaboration.

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How underground club music in China is thriving against the
April Clare Welsh takes the pulse of underground club music in China, from the live music scene and online spaces to the collectives making things happen.

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Spotify IPO: Enjoy the unlimited music while you have

Spotify lost $1.5 billion in 2017; Pandora lost over $500 million.



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