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A Track’s Journey Through Playlists; What Ever Happened to Radio’s Concert Calendar?; Will 5G Usher in a New Era of High Res Audio?


A Track’s Journey through

Chartmetric’s Playlist Analyzer breaks down Spotify, Apple Music and Deezer playlist ecosystems.

Payola final 1

How to Game the System and Get Your Song on the

15 years ago, New York’s attorney general investigated pay-for-play in the radio industry. Insiders say the practice lives on — in a more sophisticated form.

Girl at concert shutterstock 1024x683

What Ever Happened To Radio’s Concert Calendar?
New apps and websistes are changing the way consumers acccess concert information. Here’s how radio can stay in the game.

Bb23 market audio a kl billboard 1548

Will 5G Usher in a New Era of High Resolution Audio for the Masses?
With Amazon jumping into hi-res streaming and the promise of faster mobile connections with 5G, audio quality could improve for the majority of listeners for the first time in years.


How the rise of streaming could turn Hollywood musicians into an endangered
As streaming takes over the entertainment production world, musicians are being left behind.

Youtube logo headphones a billboard 1548

Google Played Out: YouTube Music Will Now Come Pre-Installed on Android
The app kicks Google Play to the curb as Android’s former default music player — though Google Play listeners can still download it from the Play Store.

Itunes is dead

Apple Music app on Windows: When will Apple kill iTunes?

The upcoming macOS Catalina will feature a dedicated Apple Music app.

Taylor swift

‘Fan-made’ Taylor Swift tracks pulled down from
After a few months of quiet, there’s another ‘fake music’ farrago in the air. The Fader reported that “dozens” of Taylor Swift bootlegs had been uploaded to Spotify as individual ‘podcast’ files.

Spotify spotify india cecilia qvist spotify podcast podcast music streaming 1568285576 800x420

Spotify’s Secret Plan To Conquer India’s Music Streaming Market Has A Healthy Dose Of

An interesting conversation with Cecilia Qvist, Global Head of Markets at Spotify, and Akshat Harbola, Head of (India) Market Operations at Spotify.


30% of the Beatles’ Spotify streams are from 18–24

The band’s music has been streamed nearly 1.7bn times on Spotify in 2019 alone, with the company stressing that “18–24 is the top demographic for streaming Beatles music, accounting for more than 30% of all Beatles streams globally since January 1st.

Shutterstock 1087470908 copy 2

How Can Humans and Artificial Intelligence Collaborate to Manage The Explosion of Music Data?
Ben Gilbert takes a deep dive into the subject of AI to explore the increasingly central role technology has to play in the influx of information surrounding digital music.

Spotify new orleans concert page 2019 600x315

Spotify Held an Exclusive Concert for Listeners of a New Orleans
The private event was part of a tourism campaign for the city.

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