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Aitch Drops His First NFT Collection with Real Life Perks on LimeWire

Platinum-selling British rapper and songwriter Aitch is dropping his first two NFT collections on LimeWire, a digital collectibles marketplace.

Aitch’s NFT collections dropping on LimeWire was done in collaboration with Soga World and is based on his upcoming debut album “Close To Home” that is being released on August 19th. One collection entails a physical copy of the new album as CD or Vinyl combined with a limited edition album cover, while the second collection comes as a Mystery Box with the chance to win a variety of exclusive in-person benefits. Fans can sign up on LimeWire and purchase the NFT with their credit card, much like on any other online store.

The Limited Edition “Close To Home” album collection, consists of only 500 copies (250 CDs, 250 Vinyls), and contains a signed poster, a physical CD or Vinyl with a unique alternative album art, as well as a digital NFT art piece which is only available on LimeWire.

The CD bundle is priced at $25, while the Vinyl bundle costs $50, shipping included. “To commemorate the release of my debut album “Close To Home,” I’ve partnered with LimeWire for my first-ever NFT initiative. It will be a collection that my fans will undoubtedly like. One collection will be a full set that includes a signed poster, a tangible CD or Vinyl, and a digital piece of NFT art. The other one, the Mystery Box collection, is something I’m really excited about because it will give 46 lucky NFT holders the chance to win something really special, like spending a full day on set filming a music video, getting backstage passes at the next performance, or joining me for a shopping extravaganza.” said Aitch.

The “Close To Home” Mystery Box collection is the second collection, with 100 copies of 16 different collectible digital trading cards & artworks created by Funny Tummy in collaboration with Soga World totalling 1600 collectibles overall.

For each purchase fans will receive one of the 16 digital trading cards & art pieces at random. Each copy is priced at $15. With the help of this collection, 46 fortunate NFT holders will have the opportunity to win in-person experiences with Aitch, such as 5x unlimited show tickets for life, spending a whole day onsite experiencing how it is behind the scenes at the recording of a music video, or going shopping with Aitch. The lucky winners will be revealed once the collection is sold out. Other perks include 10 unlimited for shows next year, 1 FaceTime with Aitch, 16 signed physical artworks, a fan portrait done by Funny Tummy, 10 Merch bundles and a personal video message from Aitch.

The NFT which hides the unlimited life-time ticket perk in the Mystery Box can be transferable, meaning it might come at a hefty price on the secondary market, especially as Aitch grows his fan base. Fans can learn more about these in-person perks here.

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