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All Access Anonymous Welcomes The Largest Festivals In S.E.A To Their Network

All Access Anonymous (AAA) is unlocking new creative and monetisation possibilities for promoters and festivals using the power of Web3, leaving promoters in complete creative control as they deliver truly meaningful experiences to their fans. By joining the network, promoters not only have access to new innovative ways to de-risk their business model through carefully calibrated de-fi systems that are designed specifically for the live event ecosystem, but also have access to Web3 technology that can be utilized to drive fan engagement, derive network benefits, and access capital.

With fifty-one promoters already within their verified network, AAA has just officially revealed their first nine: Indonesian Summer Music Festival We the Fest, The World’s Wettest Party S2O, One Of Asia’s Biggest Dance Music Festivals By Ismaya Live Djakarta Warehouse Project (DWP), Vietnam’s Leading Electronic Music Festival Ravolution, Asia’s Largest Festival At Sea It’s The Ship, Malaysia’s Biggest Homegrown Rock Festival Rockaway, Malaysia’s Premier International Music Festival Good Vibes Festival, Thailand’s Premier Electronic Music Festival Together Festival, and Electronic Music Festival 808 Festival. With pre-COVID attendees in the tens of thousands, these festivals represent a cultural phenomenon in SEA, and are ready to make waves in the way patrons enjoy their events.

Promoters communicate directly with fans through AAA, building rapport from the beginning of the festival planning process. Fans and promoters are able to collaborate on festival lineups, and provide feedback before this is announced to the public. With their early support and loyalty to the festival and promoter, fans are granted access to unique experiences, built specifically for them by the promoter. Perks will change from event to event, but could include AAA priority entry passes, VIP meet-and-greets, food and drink vouchers, and exclusive lounge and FOH Tower access. As they continue to engage over the AAA network and reap the benefits of membership, the fan-promoter relationship evolves.

“Music is about diversity, and a diverse festival lineup fosters music discovery,” says DWP festival promoter Christian Rijanto. “There are so many amazing artists out there, we as promoters can’t always be completely in tune with who our fans are listening to, or know the latest artist they have discovered on a social platform. AAA helps us measure what the fans want, and who they want to hear at our next event.”

In an industry built on relationships and trust, a transparent ecosystem with equal and unrestrained access to capital is vital for independent promoter sustainability. Web3 offers the music industry this, and AAA provides the infrastructure needed so promoters don’t have to have the know-how and be fluent in Web3. In achieving a level of sustainability with increased transparency with the fans, promoters are afforded the ability to offer fans unique rewards, and the opportunity to assist in curating the future of their event.

“Having my feet on the floor and knowing the Malaysian market like the back of my hand helps when creating a festival, but there is truly no way to know how the fans will react ahead of the festival,” says Ben Law, promotor for Good Vibes festival. “We’re really building in the dark.”

By partnering with AAA, a festival, promoter, or vendor becomes part of a verified network that does away with intermediaries and facilitates the connection with other participants within the AAA ecosystem to fuel their festival. With the return of festivals post-pandemic, promoters have been met with a lack of reputable vendors, suppliers, and support staff to effectively operate the festival within budget. By joining AAA, promoters can seek other independent professionals, and employ them without restraint. These partners serve a common interest, providing an honest and sustainable festival experience that serves the economic and creative interests of all involved parties.

“As a promoter, I strive to create something bigger than the music,” says S2O festival promoter Pulin. “I want to take the electronic music, our vibe, the water innovations — what S2O is known for — and create something even bigger and even more splashier for the fans. I believe Web3 provides the means for us to do exactly that. I am excited to be a part of AAA.”

“Festivals are about the fan, creating a unique and engaging experience that will be remembered forever. I am humbled and excited about the future of AAA, as these nine festivals are only the beginning,” says All Access Anonymous Co-Founder Marvin Das. “We have already signed on an additional 42 festivals, which will be announced soon, along with some of the most reputable independent professionals and vendors who are truly passionate about music and the experiences of music festivals. This is only the beginning for AAA.”

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