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All the Spotify News!; Has Music Streaming Killed the Instrumental Intro?

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Lefsetz Letter: Spotify Premium
It’s not gonna work. The music business is a race to the bottom. A scummy cesspool wherein rules are made to be broken and fealty is paid to money but the true currency is fans and attention. He or she who restricts access pays the price. And those who don’t scoop up the proceeds.We’ve seen…


Spotify and Universal Strike Right
Cue the singing angels. After interminable wrangling, the world’s biggest music label and the world’s biggest streaming service have agreed on new contract. That Vivendi’s Universal Music Group and Spotify Ltd. overcame the acrimony bodes well for both. The deal includes key compromises on both sides: Universal Music has agreed to accept a lower royalty…

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Spotify’s Long-Term Deal With Universal Music Group: Who Wins, Who
After about two years of negotiating, Universal Music Group and Spotify have reached a long-term licensing deal that opens the way for Spotify’s long-discussed IPO. So what does it mean?

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Spotify Signs Deal With Universal to Give Artists ‘Flexible’ Releases, Opens Door on
Spotify has finalized a new, multi-year global license agreement with Universal Music Group that, as expected, gives UMG artists access to a “flexible release policy” — namely, the ability to window new albums for paid users only.


Winning the Future Of
The music industry is at a crucial point-in-time. The foundation of its future is being laid. Entrepreneurial artists are in a good spot. Labels not so much.

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Streaming has now taken over the music industry and A.I. will push it into the
Ultimately, AI an enabler and will help me listen to even more music.


Has Spotify Killed the Radio Student D.J.?
Streaming services have brought democracy to music, but at the expense of student-run radio.

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Digimarc Highlights How Watermarking Can Improve Rights, Royalty Management for the Music
Digimarc today released a white paper titled, “Watermarking Technology and Blockchains in the Music Industry,” outlining how blockchain technology, when coupled with digital audio watermarks such as Digimarc Barcode, can help overcome many of the current challenges in rights management and royalty transaction processing in the digital music industry.

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BBC Sets Broadcast Rights to Glastonbury Festival Through
BBC Music has announced it has secured an historic six-year deal for U.K. broadcasting rights to the world renowned Glastonbury Festival. The deal, announced Monday, covers the next five iterations of the legendary music festival through to 2022.


The music software that’s everywhere is now in the browser too: SunVox
Create digital music, motion, and more.


Has music streaming killed the instrumental intro?
Remember those drawn-out, dramatic intros into the pop power ballads of the 80s? They’re all but gone in today’s chart toppers, according to new research, and listeners’ short attention spans may be to blame.

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Music Streaming: Here’s The Top Five Best
Music is an essential part of the life. Though people have various choices, but they listen to songs. Here is the list of top 5 music streaming services, Spotify tops the list.



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