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Amazon Announces New Elton John Audio Program; Spinnin’ Records Get ‘Voice Ready’ with Rebranded Playlists

The soundboard with elton john amazon studios

Amazon Announces Elton John ‘Soundboard’
Amazon today announced “Soundboard With Elton John,” featuring Interviews, guests, more.

Istock network tempest

Will Blockchain Find a Place in Radio?

Acknowledging the hype, some see potential fruitful disruption for media businesses.

Daniel ek spotify

Spotify relies on the big labels for most of its music. It thinks that will
The streaming music company wants to get more music — and more profitable music — from the little guys.

Spinnin records playlists

Spinnin’ Records rebrands playlists with smart-speakers in
Fresh from being acquired by Sony Music, dance label Spinnin’ Records is experimenting with its streaming playlists and a voice-driven rebrand.

Why play views dont translate to success 1500px

Why Play Counts, Views, and Hits Don’t Necessarily Translate To Success In

There’s nothing more exciting for a new artist than finding out that listeners are starting to learn about and enjoy their music. But using play counts, views, and hits as the only metrics to measure musical success is a bad idea.

Michael huppe press photo 2018 cr charlie gross billboard 1548

Michael Huppe: It’s Time for SiriusXM to Get Serious About Paying Music
The CLASSICS Act does not address every inequity facing music creators , but it’s an important step on the journey towards treating all creators fairly — across all platforms. And it’s progress. We urge Congress to move quickly and decisively to turn the unity package into law.

Spotify adobe pandora audio analytics

Spotify, Pandora Will Know More on Audience with New Adobe
Adobe announced new audio capabilities for their Analytics Cloud that companies like Spotify and Pandora can use.

Jackwhite 3

Musicians v. Technology: From Jack White and Prince to Pearl Jam and John Philip
Jack White has banned cell phones from his upcoming tour, reinforcing his reputation as a retro-fetishizing Luddite.


30 Million Songs Down to
Anghami is the leading Music streaming service in the MENA region. My team leads on personalization related features, the champion of which is the “Your Weekly Mixtape” feature.

Blog image template do not delete 3

How to Use Spotify Ad
Spotify rolled out a self-serve platform to ramp up its ads sales. We’ve put together tips for independent artists on how to use Spotify Ad Studio.

Irving azoff press courtesy amsg 2017 billboard 1548

Irving Azoff Launching ‘Unmanageable’ Talk Show on
The legendary manager and chairman/CEO of Azoff MSG Entertainment will host conversations with influential music business figures on his weekly show on the Volume channel.

1*xkzj   gekzqha3oub1yyq 2x

Inside the dusty brains of the first Spotify investor — looking at how we were right and

At the Stockholm Arlanda airport, getting ready to fly to New York for Spotify’s Capital Markets Day, I dug through the deepest corners of Dropbox to look for an old slide.

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Platform & Stream

Platform & Stream

Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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