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anotherblock, the Transparent Music Royalty NFT, Reveals Genesis Drop in Collaboration with R3HAB and Laidback Luke

anotherblock is unveiling its first royalty NFTs, an original track by iconic DJs R3HAB and Laidback Luke. NFT holders will get a share of streaming revenues from “Weekend On A Tuesday,” a brand-new single from the dance music giants. This genesis drop will happen August 19, 2022. Fans can sign up at to get more news on the drop, and early-access spots will be on offer via R3HAB and Laidback Luke’s Instagrams ahead of the drop.

After August 19, regular NFT drops will follow, featuring tracks performed by major artists including Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Beyonce, Eminem, Juicy J, and Lil Wayne.

“After many months and many versions back and forth, Luke and I are excited to share ‘Weekend On A Tuesday’ with the world. This is a song about breaking away from the norm and choosing to follow your own beat. Sometimes you need to bring the energy to the start of the week — this song is made to get the party started, and we are happy to be part of the launch of anotherblock platform”R3HAB

“I’m super thrilled to have finally landed this track with R3HAB. Him and I go way back! R3HAB came with this amazing bassline and I poured a bit more of a housey sound over it. And let’s be honest, “Weekend On A Tuesday” is how it often feels for us touring DJs. And it’s so exciting we combine this track with the launch of anotherblock.” — Laidback Luke

Launching on Ethereum to enable greater transaction volumes, secondary market viability, and security, anotherblock has created a truly web3-native way for artists and creators to share royalties via NFTs. Once fiat royalty payments arrive at anotherblock, the payment process is completely on chain and automated. anotherblock executes payment, not the rightsholders, ensuring that payment goes out accurately and transparently, something near impossible before blockchain. All this means that anotherblock NFT holders will get the royalty shares they’re due.

Along with clearer payments on shares, anotherblock is building the most data-rich platform, so that holders can follow valuation precisely and easily. anotherblock NFTs’ primary valuations closely reflect potential streaming revenues, not other vague promises of utility. Using tools like NFTGO and with more integrations in the works, anotherblock NFT holders will be able to track prices before and after a sale. anotherblock users can see exactly where and for how much a particular NFT is listed.

“Music NFTs need to keep the good stuff everyone loves about music, from the amazing connection we feel with artists like R3HAB and Laidback Luke and their work, to the rapidly growing, recession-resistant nature of the music industry,” reflects Michel D. Traore, anotherblock co-founder and CEO. “Yet NFTs also need to embrace blockchain’s full potential to enable quick payment, secondary sales, and real usefulness to holders. We’re creating NFTs with real-world value.”

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