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Apple Music Debuts ‘Replay’; A Eulogy for the Mix CD; Deezer Curates Playlists for Emirates; Dolly Parton on SiriusXM

Apple music replay playlists 2019 billboard 1548

Apple Music Launches ‘Replay’ Feature to Revisit Old
Apple Music has launched a way to look back at the music you’ve enjoyed this year with Apple Music Replay, a new feature that will allow users to review the songs, albums and artists they enjoyed the most this year.

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A Eulogy for the Mix CD, the Best Way to Tell Someone ‘I Like You’
Mix CDs have been innovated out of existence — but nothing has managed to replace how meaningful it was to make and receive them.

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Deezer partners with Emirates to provide exclusive playlists for inflight entertainment system

Over 20 playlists created for airline.


Spotify’s Magic Leap app lets you virtually pin music on the
By this point, most people have used Spotify on almost every platform where it’s available and there’s not a lot about the experience that’s surprising. So it’s…


Former Beats by Dre CEO launches DropLabs

A startup called DropLabs, led by former Beats by Dre boss Susan Paley, has revealed a product called the EP 01. It’s a pair of trainers that “convert audio input into vibrations via Bluetooth” which then “stimulates the nerve receptors in your feet — in sync with the sound in your ears.”

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Dolly’s music to be featured on limited-run SiriusXM radio
You will be able to find Dolly’s music on SiriusXM channel 62.

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Apple Music reveals new ‘Up Next’ artist and launches country radio
Apple Music has anointed its latest ‘Up Next’ artist, who’ll be getting a boost across the company’s music platforms. It’s Canadian artist Jessie Reyez, who’s actually been doing pretty well on Apple Music for some time now

2019 11 07 stack of records credit shutterstock

The Beat Goes On (and On): Why Does Every Generation Hate the Music That Comes After It?
Every generation has its own sound . . . and a previous generation that wants to turn it down.

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Sonos: Free Spotify Tier Goes Live on Popular Smart
Sonos owners can now stream Spotify for free.

Mark mulligan

Streaming will plateau, social is everything:
The future is golden, and it looks nothing like today. But the path is bumpy, so gear-up.


Spotify’s new scripted fiction podcast stars Pedro Pascal and Carrie
Spotify-owned Gimlet just launched a new scripted fiction podcast, Motherhacker. The series explores “the dark side of the web,” and it marks another attempt by…

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Amazon is giving away unlimited music streaming for just $0.99 for 4
If you’re a music lover, don’t waste any time taking advantage of this Amazon unlimited music deal for the holidays.

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