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Apple Music Gets New Boss, Has 40 Million Paid Subscribers; Spotify, Hulu Offer Joint Subscription; Pandora CEO Loves Podcasts

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New Apple Music Head Named as Service Surpasses 40 Million
Apple Music surpasses 40 million paid subscribers and announces the promotion of Oliver Schusser to head of Apple Music Worldwide.


Spotify and Hulu Offer Joint Subscription to Lure More New
Spotify Technology SA and Hulu LLC are introducing a combined subscription that reduces the monthly price of using both, a promotion designed to draw new paying users to the music and video services.

Purevolume photo 20by 20tim 20mosenfelder wireimage 141226533 news

Music Streaming Website PureVolume Shutting

The site fostered the careers of Paramore, My Chemical Romance, and more.

Capitol innovation center logo 2018 billboard 1548

Capitol Music Group Launches Innovation Center to Aid Next Music

Capitol Music Group announced the launch of Capitol Innovation Center (CIC), a space to conduct event programming events to help foster innovative ideas between content creators, the tech community, and students, inspiring the next generation of leaders in the music industry.


Pandora’s CEO is doubling down on

By JP Mangalindan Pandora CEO Roger Lynch wants to offer listeners an easier way to discover new podcasts as the company adds more podcasts to its service.

Mick jagger rolling stones concert chile h 2016

Music Publishers Win Major Copyright Fight Over Streaming of Legendary Rock
A federal judge concludes that Wolfgang’s Vault lacked requisite license to stream hundreds of iconic songs.


Spotify’s Direct Listing: Will Other Unicorns Follow?
Spotify went public last week by eschewing an IPO and opting for a direct listing. Will other high-profile tech firms take the same path?

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Music industry revenue growth back at Britpop levels, BPI
Ed Sheeran and Stormzy helped push record labels’ revenues up by 10.6% last year, the fastest rise since 1995.

Frank briegmann ftdo 2018 bb10 billboard 1548

UMG’s Frank Briegmann on Breaking Migos in Germany, Balancing Digital & Physical Needs Across

UMG president/CEO Central Europe & Deutsche Grammophon Frank Briegmann has the difficult task of managing international distribution that is skewed heavily digital in some regions, and almost entirely physical in others — which requires a deft hand at the wheel.

Fetty wap

Hip hop and metal are up, pop and mainstream rock down as music’s streaming era takes
Industry insiders note that trap music has gotten a big boost, but country fans are slow to adapt — and rock bands? ‘They’re not cool.’

Ari jan25 14

Behind the Scene: SiriusXM’s Ari

“When I first got here, I came at it from a music and production perspective, rather than a traditional radio perspective,” Ari Fink says of the decade since he first joined SiriusXM’s New York team. “I learned more about radio as I grew here.”

Open graph default

Spotify and the Music Industry: Who Needs Who More?
With streaming becoming a significant part of the recorded music industry’s revenue, at what point would Spotify become indispensable to their bottom line?




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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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