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Apple’s Chance to Make the iPod Touch an Unlikely Success; Playlists 35, Albums 0.; Tech Amps Up the Summer Music Scene

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Apple Has One Chance To Make The iPod Touch An Unlikely
How can Tim Cook tell the world that Apple is moving away from hardware and will be focusing on software and services? Make the iPod Touch free… if you sign up for Apple’s media services.


2019 so far in music. Playlists 35, Albums

Unless something dramatic happens, it looks like 2019 may be the first year since 1990 in which I cannot hand on heart, say I have a personal favourite album of the year.

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Here’s How Tech Is Amping Up The Summer Music
Before you make you summer music plans, see how tech could take your experience to a new height and what mega DJs like Tiesto think of new innovations in the space.

Itunes radio tuner going away

What Happens to Internet Radio when Apple Kills iTunes?

I have to admit that I don’t quite remember the last time I browsed internet radio in iTunes.

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Spotify Hires Interscope CFO Jeremy Erlich as Head of Music
In his new role, Erlich will focus on bolstering the streaming giant’s relationships with the creative community.

Vinyl albums

What is the purpose of an album in today’s music scene?
“Never dismiss the power of the album. Most won’t pay attention, but those who do can make all the difference.”

Why we like the music we do

Why We Like Certain Music: The Brain And Musical
Research suggests that musical preferences have much more to do with innate personality traits and than we first thought.


Spotify Stations is the Pandora alternative we
Spotify is testing a lot of things right now. In the last month alone, the company has revealed its long-rumored in-car device, curated podcast playlists and a…


LiveXLive Delivers 20M Livestream Views Across Its Streamed Events In The First Two Months of Fiscal

LiveXLive Medi announced that it delivered 20 million livestream views across all its streamed events during the first two months of fiscal year 2020, outpacing the full fiscal year 2019 livestream views of 51 million.

Symphonic integrates with beatsource

Symphonic Integrates with Beatsource!

Beatport provides the global DJ community access to a vast catalogue of high quality, expertly curated digital music from the industry’s leading artists and labels.

Spotify redesign

Spotify’s redesign simplifies navigation and highlights

Spotify is officially rolling out its redesigned experience which puts a greater emphasis on podcasts.

Pavarotti publicity still  chris jenkins getty publicity inset h 2019

Three-Time Oscar Winner Chris Jenkins Discusses ‘Pavarotti’ and the Recording Industry’s Movement Toward Immersive

Three-time Oscar winning rerecording mixer Chris Jenkins discusses Ron Howard’s ‘Pavarotti’ doc and the recording industry’s movement toward immersive sound.

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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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