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Are Celebrity Holograms the Future of ‘Live’ Music?; Spotify’s Podcasting Problem; Tim Burgess & His Twitter Listening Parties

Are celebrity holograms the future of ‘live’ music?
Beaming a rock star into your living room might sound like something out of “Star Trek” but, thanks to a cutting-edge new service, PORTL, celebrity holograms could one day replace concerts as the way we experience “live” music.

Spotify’s Podcasting Problem: Loophole Allows Remixes and Unreleased Songs to Hide in Plain
Hiding in plain sight: a “loophole” in Spotify’s platform allows unauthorized remixes and bootlegs of songs to live as podcasts.

How Tim Burgess Made The Most of 2020 With Twitter Listening
Tim Burgess explains how his Twitter Listening Parties, featuring live commentary on classic albums from artists and fans, took on a life of their own in 2020.

The KLF’s songs are finally available to
The British dance band make some of their biggest hits available for the first time.

Why would Square buy streaming music service Tidal?
Square’s acquisition of Tidal would supercharge its Cash App, among other benefits.

Amazon Music to buy podcast company Wondery, taking fight to

Deal was for over $300 million valuation.

UK artists claim one in every 10 songs streamed

A new analysis from the BPI reveals that one in every 10 songs (10.1%) streamed around the world is by a British act.

The Guardian view on music streaming: money, money,

Classic tracks by groups such as Blondie are fuelling an online music boom. But emerging artists need a bigger slice of the profits.

The Day The Music Died: What One Company’s Pandemic Journey Can Teach You About
2020 was about survival, but there are a lot of lessons we can take into the new year.

Gary Barlow partners with virtual-reality tech company on 360-degree
The partnership follows the release of Gary Barlow’s №1 album Music Played By Humans (Polydor).

TikTok: How To Get Your Music
Learn how Berklee students Rosie Scher and Brandon Harris earned TikTok fame, and how their stories will help you get your music discovered on TikTok too.

How does the MLC pay artists more for streaming?
The Mechanical Licensing Collective launches next month and will be working with artists and their tracks to ensure everyone gets fairly paid on music streaming services.

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