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As Warner and Spotify Face Off Over India, What Comes Next? Michael Jackson Songs Still Streaming, but Radio Airplay is Down

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As Warner and Spotify Face Off Over India, What Comes Next?
The streaming service launched on the subcontinent without major publishing rights, angering publishers amid the latest salvo in a long-running business conflict

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Michael Jackson Songs Are Still Streaming, but Radio Airplay Is
A statue was removed, and “The Simpsons” shelved a rerun featuring the singer. But everyday listeners are still streaming “Billie Jean.”

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‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ & Spotify Team Up to Offer Exclusive Content Through New Ellen
While fans of Ellen DeGeneres and her show can watch the talk show titan entertain the masses every weekday, the star is now offering them even more content than before.

United states

Elizabeth Warren’s big-tech breakup could affect

One obvious point: this is all notional for now: Warren is just one of an already-crowded field of Democrats hoping to win their party’s nomination.

Spotify youtube music

Following Spotify’s Samsung Deal, YouTube Offers 4 Months of Premium for New Galaxy
Following Spotify’s new deal with Samsung, YouTube has bundled four months of Premium for consumers who purchase select devices.

Press radio outlets caught up music streaming

Why Press And Radio Outlets Haven’t Caught Up To Music
Music streaming continues to dominate the way people listen to music. Find out why press and radio outlets haven’t caught up to music streaming.

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Generation Rent: Streaming Subscriptions Now Account For Over 60 Percent Of All UK Music
The growing popularity of music subscription services like Spotify, Amazon and Apple is turning British music fans into “generation rent,” says U.K. trade group the Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA).

Radio tower 2017 billboard 1548

Rising Gorilla or Shrinking Dinosaur? Country Radio Questions Its
Country radio is “an 800-pound gorilla,” Garth Brooks told programmers during the Country Radio Seminar in Nashville Feb. 13–15. “It ain’t going anywhere.”

Istock 654715790

Carnegie Library launches new digital music streaming platform
Artists receive a one-time $200 stipend for albums of at least 10 minutes long, or four tracks

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Did Technology Bring About The Death Of Good Music?

After new research was released suggesting that millennials prefer golden oldies to contemporary pop, Stephen Carlisle did some digging to determine if this was in fact accurate and, if so, what role technology may have played in the “decline” of music’s quality.

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Can Radio Achieve Brand Intimacy?

We have a lot of brands in our lives — some we treasure, some we take for granted, some that we resent.

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Apple Music Reveals Top Streaming Female Artists in Celebration of International Women’s
In celebration of International Women’s Day (March 8), Apple Music has shared its list of the most-streamed women of all time on the platform.

Julie clark

As Spotify Expands Its Business, Programmatic Stays Top Of

Programmatic will be key to Spotify’s ability to scale as it expands from a music platform to an audio platform with spoken-word content.

Spotify phone

Jonathan Prince Leaves Spotify for
Jonathan Prince, who was at the center of Spotify’s ill-fated policy against “hateful conduct,” has left the company to join Slack.



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