Authentic Artists Pushes the Boundaries of Metaverse Music Experiences Using Generative AI

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3 min readJul 14, 2022


In 2019, Authentic Artists set out to awaken a deeper connection to music by reimagining music creativity and shared music experience. Authentic built its core technology with the belief that machine/human collaboration would unlock music’s greatest potential in digital worlds.

Under its WarpSound brand, Authentic is creating the sound of the metaverse. WarpSound delivers experiences for the metaverse that include fully formed audiovisual performances driven by AI and co-created with live audience interactions. Live voting to add a bass drop or increase the song’s intensity dynamically changes the composition of the music, as well as the WarpSound virtual artists’ unique signature sounds and performance. The magic happens behind the scenes, through a proprietary, custom-built AI engine that is composing and mutating the music, note by note, in real time.

Authentic’s platform has also been used to enable musical identity at scale with unique, music-driven collectibles. WVRPS by WarpSound fuses AI-composed music with generative PFP art across 9,999 unique music NFTs. Holders have full commercial rights to their WVRP’s music, which has resulted in creative collaborations, remixes (WarpSound’s Snoop Dogg’s High remix here), and more. Since launching in January 2022 and selling out in under 9 seconds, WVRPS by WarpSound has become the all-time #1 music NFT collection on OpenSea.

“We set out to ignite music creativity with new musical tools and experiences. Now, with the rise of the metaverse and advancements in creative machine learning, the possibilities for music play, personalization, and expression are limitless,” says Authentic Artists’ CEO Chris McGarry. “We’re excited that we can offer fans an opportunity to embrace their inner creator and shape the music they love.”

McGarry isn’t new to blurring lines between the virtual and physical worlds. His previous role leading music vertical development at Oculus VR put him on the frontier of immersive music experience.

WarpSound virtual artists have been found live streaming on Twitch, at Fan Controlled Football halftime shows and in other metaverses. Concerts by Travis Scott in Fortnite and Lil Nas X in gaming platform Roblox returned massive audiences; a whopping 12.3M people tuned in to Travis Scott’s concert in 2020. Authentic Artists are gearing up to do the same.

Authentic Artists is backed by investors including Warner Music Group, the founding team of Nike’s RTFKT, Crush Ventures, The Sandbox Co-Founder Sebastien Borget, OVO Fund, James Murdoch’s Lupa Systems, Mixi Group and Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park.

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