BeatConnect Unveils New Interactive Sessions for Creators, Artists, and Producers

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2 min readNov 30, 2021

Audio creation and collaboration platform BeatConnect is unveiling features that unlock new possibilities for creators and music makers eager to engage fans: interactive sessions. A producer can make beats with a few chosen superfans or throw a high-energy production master class for aspiring creators in real time. An artist can write songs alongside her audience and will soon be able to let them play the virtual instruments in her studio.

Richer than a livestream, these sessions will let anyone click a link, join a session, and start engaging with musicians, producers, and other content creators with no disruptive lags — no matter what software they use. Creators can use these sessions to offer unique opportunities for superfans and followers, unlocking new revenue streams in the process.

“We’re looking at a new economy, a collaboration economy. Indie artists have seen more possibilities as this new economy emerges and grows,” explains Alexandre Turbide, BeatConnect’s co-founder and CEO. “If creators want to teach a skill or offer special access to their creative process, we have built the platform for this, a one-stop shop. Creators can engage their fans and further monetize their skills, as well as organize sessions that ensure everyone has a great time.”

BeatConnect’s latest version is fully optimized for every DAW and allows for video chat, as well as everything else collaborators need to communicate and groove together. Most importantly for interactive sessions, BeatConnect has zero latency, making interaction organic, exciting, and glitch-free.

“We see allowing creators to share their creative process in real time as the future,” says Turbide. “You will be able to hear it as I’m doing it. BeatConnect lets you see what I’m doing as well, and interact with me as I make something. This can make a big difference to indie creators. Broadcasting to an audience works great once you’re established, but what we’re seeing is that emerging and mid-tier creators really benefit from a more interactive approach, and fans love to get involved with artists who feel relatable and engaged.”

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