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Biscuits n Groovy Makes Its Debut

Biscuits n Groovy is a new platform for superfans to stream and collect exclusive music, directly supporting their favorite artists.

BnG will celebrate its debut with its first drop, Trials and Errors, a 22 track album by up-and-coming artist, Lingero.

A new form of collectible, each BnG release features exclusive music with a limited-edition NFT album cover. Buyers can stream the music on Biscuits n Groovy before it drops on any other platform. They also get an NFT album cover included, so they can cultivate their personal collection and showcase their fandom.

BnG’s founders, inspired by their own vinyl collection, set out to bring the collector experience into the 21st century.

Blockchain technology has made this possible, with NFTs making digital records ownable and finite. However not all NFTs are created equal.

Unlike most NFTs which are minted on Ethereum, Biscuits n Groovy runs on Flow, an eco-friendly blockchain with super low fees. As a result, BnG’s NFT records are both non-polluting and affordable, so artists can reach more fans without sacrificing the environment.

Fans can snag a copy on BnG for just a few dollars (no cryptocurrency required!), and by doing so, invest in that artist’s future potential. Soon BnG will launch a marketplace to allow fans to re-sell their NFTs, with each sale giving 5% back to the artist.

BnG’s mission is to help artists, most of whom can’t earn a living from traditional streaming alone. Releasing on BnG is free, and artists have complete control over their drop. They earn 75% of sales directly from their community of fans and collectors.

Community is the heart of Biscuits n Groovy, which strives to be the most friendly, fun, and inclusive experience for its users. Nicknamed “the groovy train,” this budding community is a melting pot of NFT newbies, crypto enthusiasts, music lovers and collectors.

While other platforms (particularly NFT markets) assume a certain level of prior knowledge, BnG invites everyone aboard the groovy train to learn, explore, and connect through the power of music.

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