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Bitcoin and the Music Industry; Collecting Songs In the Digital Era

Good morning! 13 stories to wrap up the week. Have a nice weekend!

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How the technology behind Bitcoin could change the music
Blockchain technology could help every musician get a fairer deal, from big stars to underground artists. Josh Hall finds out how the technology works.

Collecting music digital era

The Importance of Collecting Songs In the Digital
Music streaming services are convenient, but they aren’t to be trusted.

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UMG’s Ty Roberts: get ready for revolutionary new digital music

“I think the main theme will be collaboration and interaction. Musicians are not just about music: they have opinions, they have history, they can be linked to a place etc. And fans want to know all this. They want to communicate with artists. So I think we’ll see new products that all them to do so.”


How The VR Concert Industry Is Boldly Jockeying For A Slice Of A Projected $660M
Learn about the next opportunities and challenges for the virtual reality as it collides even deeper with the music industry.

Spotify stars ios

Spotify expands its push into original content with new
Spotify is expanding its podcast selection today, with the announcement that it’s adding three new original podcast series on its service, with plans for more..

Audio turntable headphones 4 3

Audio Hardware Has Record-Breaking

Audio hardware had a “record-breaking” 2016 and continues to outpace the overall CE industry, according to market research firm Futuresource Consulting.

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The New York Times’ New Partnership with Spotify Poses a Challenge to

When The New York Times announced its new bundled subscription with Spotify, other media organizations, and media critics, had plenty to say about it. Nieman Lab noted how the Times was stepping “outside journalism” with the bundle, while Mashable called the new subscription plan “intriguing.”


Platforms New and old Revolutionize

No matter what form of media you choose, technology is an inescapable permeator of our society and sure enough, given a few years, music streaming and records will be outdated by a new form of online media and cassette tapes. So while you’re at it, don’t be afraid to drop $30 on that “Rumours” record and enjoy how far music technology has progressed

Gracenote logo 2017

Gracenote Unveils New Data Products Spanning Video, Music and
Gracenote is launching new entertainment data products developed specifically for next-generation converged media platforms and services.

Pandora personalization content 2017 600x315

Pandora Will Debut Personalized Digital Audio Ads and Sequential Messaging This

Dynamic personalized ads and sequential messaging are coming soon to a Pandora station near you. In an exclusive partnership with A Million Ads, Pandora will be able to reach unique listeners in real time with customized ads. The new addition to Pandora’s existing set of tools for marketers will enter a testing phase later this year.

Microphone main

Getting louder: A view of the programmatic audio

It could be time for programmatic audio’s time in the sun. The growing popularity of mobile audio streaming and podcasts, along with the pressures on display advertising, is putting programmatic audio front of mind for both buyers and sellers.

Song increases

How Music’s Biggest Night Affects Music Sales
Last Sunday’s Grammy Awards telecast showcased some of the biggest artists, albums and songs of the year. And while all the nominees saw some degree of sales and streaming increases, the real beneficiaries were the performers — regardless of whether or not they won.


How Did Spotify Get So Good At Machine Learning?
How did Spotify get so good at machine learning? Was machine learning important from the start, or did they catch up over time? This question was originally answered on Quora by Erik Bernhardsson.



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