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Bon Iver + Spotify; Inside Garageband; Super Hi-Fi Nabs Patent for AI-Powered Streaming Technology

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Super Hi-Fi Granted U.S. Patent for Its AI-Powered MagicStitch Streaming

Super Hi-Fi has been granted a critical patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for its MagicStitch technology, which “intelligently” stitches together music and other audio to eliminate dead silence between tracks and provide a more seamless listening experience.

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Inside Garageband, the Little App Ruling the Sound of Modern

A secret recording studio on Apple’s Cupertino campus has made the beats of some of your favorite hits for the last 15 years.

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Bon Iver Partners With Spotify for ‘i,i’ ‘Viisualiizer’

Justin Vernon wants to evolve how music is streamed.


What Even Is Spotify?
Is it a streaming giant? Ad-tech broker? Social network? A new book pulls the curtain behind the mysterious company.


Email Newsletters: Do’s and Don’ts from Music
We asked four music supervisors how they like to receive music, and how you can get your lists to the top of the pile.

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Is Online Piracy an Art Form?
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, also the defining aesthetic of our times, probably.

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The Incredibly Technical History of Digital Rights
DRM, one of the internet’s dark arts, was already in the works — complete with epic patents — years before the existence of Napster gave it a business case.


Tones and I: streaming era helps Australian artist find worldwide
Apple’s new format for emerging artists is the latest way musicians can reach a whole fresh global audience.

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Peloton is selling tons of bikes, but the biggest risk to its IPO may be the looming music
While Peloton is generating close to $1 billion in annual revenue, it faces a $150 million lawsuit against the music industry and a complex royalty system.


Streaming Services Draw New Subscribers With Old-Time Rock ’n’
Older music is the biggest growth area in music streaming, as labels look to cash in on their catalogs and streaming services seek to broaden their subscriber bases to include people more interested in Led Zeppelin than in Billie Eilish.


Classical music streaming: Comparing Apple, Qobuz and
Apple’s digital masters, Qobuz, Idagio, Primephonic: New services finally have improved the streaming experience for classical music lovers.


How ‘Bogus Billy’ solved my home music streaming tug of
You shouldn’t have to resort to funny accents and made-up family members to get your smart home working properly, but sometimes you do.

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Daily Digest of Music Streaming News

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