Bryan Adams Partners with Tech Startup Songbox

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Platform & Stream
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2 min readFeb 1, 2024


Multi-Platinum Singer/Songwriter Bryan Adams joined tech startup Songbox as a Co-founder after falling in love with its secure music-sharing capabilities and its unparalleled simplistic design and experience.

Bryan said, “Songbox allows me to share new music that I’m working on in a way that I couldn’t before. I don’t need to send out MP3 files or physical products, so it keeps my ideas and early versions safe and secure until I’m ready to officially release the songs.”

“Almost immediately after signing up, Bryan was contributing feature ideas and design suggestions. His insight and experience for this has been invaluable,” said Michael Coll, Founder of Songbox.

Using Songbox, creators can track when a file has been delivered, whether it’s been listened to and how long songs have been played. Additionally, the platform allows for creators to upload and share music video content.

As one of Scotland’s brightest startups, Songbox is a growing platform with over 50,000 tracks uploaded and over 3 Million streams. Since launch, they’ve served globally-renowned artists, independent creators and record labels. Now, they’re working to bring their focus to Music City.

“I had the opportunity to visit Nashville, and I instantly fell in love with the city. Nashville is music and it’s the perfect place for us to bring Songbox, which is where 80% of our customers currently are,” said Coll.

As one of the first renowned names to use Songbox, Bryan Adams has helped add new features to the platform. He joins Coll, a former musician, songwriter and industry insider turned software developer and Co-founder Ciaran O’Toole, a seasoned music industry veteran with a proven track record of success spearheading innovative startups.

“More recently, we have added the ability for creators to not only share their audio, but also house and share music videos on the platform. Creators can house all of their assets under one roof — photos, cover artwork, lyrics, music videos and tracks, and use the platform to collaborate with other creators or pitch media, publishers, industry executives, radio programmers and more. There are so many possibilities,” added Coll.

With business-tier features aimed at labels and management teams who work with multiple artists, Songbox maintains affordability while delivering mature music-sharing features for creators at any stage.