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Can Spotify Solve the Art-vs.-Artist Problem?; New YouTube Platform to Launch Next Week; Tidal’s Troubles Mount

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Can Spotify Solve the Art-vs.-Artist Problem?
On Thursday, the streaming service announced a decision to remove R. Kelly and XXXTentacion from its curated playlists — and stumbled into a debate that has stumped the industry for decades

YouTube’s Revamped Subscription Platform Will Launch Next
After months of testing and teasing, YouTube will relaunch its new streaming platform next Tuesday (May 22) with multiple subscription price points alongside an entry-level, ad-supported version.

Can Ingrooves’ new technology set it apart in a crowded marketplace?

Typically, music distribution companies don’t own any intellectual property — and their clients can up and leave with a short notice period.

YouTube Expands Credits on Videos, Using Content ID to List Artist, Songwriter and Publisher
The “music in this video” feature will provide expanded credits for songs heard in a wide range of videos, from official artist clips to fan-uploaded content containing recorded music, along with DJ sets, short films, beauty vlogs and gamer videos.

Hey Alexa, What’s the best voice strategy for musicians?
More than 50% of people in the U.S use voice search daily (according to Google), the most popular use case by far? Listening to music.

Oh, eMusic, no — don’t go blockchain! Another Kodak

It looks like eMusic’s attempt at a comeback last year didn’t work out so well. Behold: the eMusic Blockchain Platform! “The First Major Music Service to Embrace Blockchain Technology.”

Music payments startup Exactuals debuts R.AI, a “Palantir for music royalties”

Exactuals, a software service offering payments management for the music industry, is debuting R.AI, a new tool that it’s dubbed the “Palantir for music.”

Could Spotify Buy Universal? Should It?
Vivendi has been openly exploring spinning off Universal Music Group. Publically the talk is of a possible IPO, but the rumor mill has spun out several scenarios, including a purchase by Apple or Alibaba. But what if Spotify bought UMG? Could that bold move solve its ongoing profitability problem?

Tidal’s Troubles Mount: Late Payments Join Streaming Massive Manipulation

Just days after Norwegian investigative journalists accused TIDAL of a massive manipulation of streaming data, multiple sources are reporting both underpayments and late payments from the streamer.

Merlin Sells All of Its Spotify Shares for Estimated $125
Merlin, the international independent label collective, is the latest recorded-music group to sell its Spotify shares — all of them, in fact

On the unexpected joy of random Spotify
There is an Estonian indie-rock band named Ewert and the Two Dragons, and they fucking rule.



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