Chris Robinson of Black Crowes on Spotify, Vinyl

Chris Robinson:

“I do find it funny as a grown adult who’s spent the majority of his life playing music that music is so cheap. You can’t go in a movie theater and videotape that film, and then watch it. You can’t go to a Broadway show and take pictures. You’re not allowed to do that stuff, but you can come to a concert, and your song is free. You wrote the song, but so what? It doesn’t mean anything.

Not that you write songs for them only to be worth something, because they should be worth the poetic nature that they’re born of. But how far does that measure?

When it comes to streaming — well, I do have a record collection, and I like having it. Who’s to say that’s the way it’s always going to be? If every musician got together and we all showed up at one time at the Spotify office — like if thousands of us went over there, and started taking whatever we wanted — I’m sure they would change their practices. But then they’d probably call in the state militia, or whatever.”

Source: Digital Trends