Competing With Paid; The MP3 Is Not Dead; Universal Partners with Tencent

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Competing With Paid —

The rise of subscription streaming services, in both the music and video industries, has given the lie to the old complaint that consumers won’t pay for content online. But to many in the music industry, to say nothing of streaming investors, too many of them still don’t.

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The MP3 Is Not Dead — 
 Everyone keeps saying the MP3 is dead. It’s not!

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Universal Partners With Tencent to Expand Digital Reach Into China — 
 Universal has signed a multi-year licensing agreement with China’s leading digital music platform, Tencent, to significantly grow the major’s reach into the world’s most densely populated country.


Here Comes the Summer trials blockchain payments — 
 Innofest and GUTS Tickets used Dutch mini-festival Here Comes the Summer as a ‘lab’ for a blockchain-based payment platform for food and drink tokens.

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How do Louisiana artists survive free streaming? — 
 Yvette Landry has grown used to the disappointed look from fans. They frown when they learn the country singer’s next record won’t be out soon.

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It’s been 20 years, but the music industry’s arguments about music streaming haven’t changed at all — 
 Is YouTube cannibalising music streaming services?

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Table Radios for the 21st Century — 
 Steven Stone looks at two worthy successors to the KLH 8…

Amazon is offering everyone a free month long trial of its unlimited music streaming service

Amazon is offering everyone a free month-long trial of its unlimited music-streaming service — 
 If you’ve been considering signing up for a music subscription, Amazon is offering a month of its Music Unlimited service for free.

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TH8 Panel 3: Music Streaming & The Splinternets: The New, Competing, Cultural Curators on Vimeo — 
 Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora and Google Play Music are the current leaders in the subscription-based and advertising supported music-streaming derby — having…

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Pioneering the relation of music and video: a look at the digital innovators — 
 “Video & livestreaming” will be one of the topics at c/o pop 2017, one of Germany’s leading music industry conferences and showcase festivals (Cologne, 16–20th August). The smartphone has done to…


What’s Wrong With Content ID? Start with Dozens of YouTube Videos on How to Defeat It. — 
 Both Peter Kafka and Lyor Cohen seem to be mystified by concerns about how YouTube shakes down artists and songwriters in Kafka’s interview with Lyor in Recode.