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Country Music May be Pandora’s Secret Weapon; Can Blockchain Make Music Great Again?

This is the 100th edition of the daily digest. A big thanks to everyone who has signed up. To start the week we have a great mix of music streaming news from around the internet.


Country Music May be Pandora’s Secret

When Pandora Media Inc. launches its $10-a-month music service next month, it faces steep competition from a host of more established streaming providers. But the Internet-radio giant has an edge with one relatively untapped fan base that has long been willing to pony up for tunes.

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Can Blockchain Make Music Great Again?
Blockchain technology can’t write songs or play instruments — at least not yet. But, it might be able to ensure that those who do get the proper credit and compensation, a problem that has always bedeviled this $15bn industry.

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Why The Music Industry Needs A New Digital Collections

Despite the good news of digital growth, the fragmented music industry continues to use the same traditional, localized, and often manual process of collecting these new streaming royalties


10 Lesser-Known Tools for Music
Radio, streaming services, social networks — everyone has their own way to discover new music. Meanwhile, there are dozens of entrepreneurs out there who believe they have a better way. Here are some…

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Why Spotify Should Let Everyone Edit Tracks and Remix like a
By adding more mixing features and improved social sharing, Apple Music and Spotify can make Tidal’s Track Edit feature even better.


Are the major labels in danger of turning music streaming into a monopoly owned by Apple? — Music Business

Spotify represents an important piece of our music industry ecosystem, and the system is vulnerable. Competition is a fundamental part of a free market economy, of which we all reap the benefits.

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Will Apple’s TV shows sway me from Spotify?

When Apple Music first launched in Australia it was natural that I jumped onto the trial and gave it a whirl. Naturally their music library was extensive, worked perfectly on my iPhone — better than Spotify due to the deeper integration but after the trial I went back to Spotify.

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How music sharing app Vertigo, for Spotify Premium and Apple Music, stays
An app called Vertigo promises the seemingly impossible: Stream music from Spotify Premium or Apple Music to your friends for free, without getting sued by record labels.

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Networked Audio Now Having Effect On Traditional Hi Fi
Networked sound technology is having a profound effect on the Hi Fi market with consumers now wanting devices that can easily talk to each other. By the end


Brands tune into music streaming
Brands can benefit from tuning into the trend of music streaming networks to differentiate themselves from their competition, as consumers change they way they listen and acquire music…



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