Deepr Honors Acclaimed Music Creator Jimmy Jam in New Series

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3 min readAug 19, 2021

Austin Webster, founder of music tech startup Deepr®, is interviewing acclaimed music creators in the newly launched video series, Deepr® Talk.

Central to Webster’s vision, when creating Deepr, was the desire to honor the work of the oft unsung heroes of music: writers, producers, musicians, and engineers.

With the Deepr® app, users can utilize audio recognition in-app to identify the music around them or dive into an advanced search to look up producers, songwriters, and more; in seconds, users can access and combine the discography of the creators they discover based on their roles, in an easy-to-use playlist. Now with Deepr® Talk, creators can also give insight into their processes and tell the stories behind iconic songs. This series allows music fans to learn more about the industry and the music they love.

Deepr® Talk is especially valuable to aspiring participants in the music industry, who can benefit from the wisdom and experiences of accomplished industry veterans.

Most recently, Webster interviewed the iconic R&B/Pop songwriter and producer Jimmy Jam, who has forty-one top ten hits in the U.S., along with his equally talented partner, Terry Lewis. They have worked with artists including Janet Jackson, Boys II Men, Chaka Khan, Usher, Mary J. Blidge, and Michael Jackson. They are also frequent collaborators with Mariah Carey, with whom they just recently released a song with as the debut single from their upcoming album, Jam and Lewis: Volume One. Having worked with several of the greatest artists in history, Jam goes deeper into the musical moments that have shaped the lives of so many.

Users can view the aforementioned interview here.

“As a music fan, first and foremost, Deepr® Talk is fun and insightful because it combines the experience of reading credits in the Deepr® app, with actual music and the stories behind the credits. There is nothing like it and we are just getting started,” Webster passionately states.

The first episode of the series premiered in May, and spotlighted Grammy award-winning producer Dallas Austin, who also serves as a member of the Deepr advisory board. Having worked with TLC, Madonna, and Boys II Men, Austin had many interesting and insightful stories to share.

Up next was Daryl Simmons, Babyface collaborator and Grammy winner, where he shared several stories behind the music, including the hit “Don’t Be Cruel”. Simmons has worked with iconic artists such as Whitney Huston, Toni Braxton, TLC, and with Boys II Men on one of their biggest hits, “End Of The Road”.

Additionally, producer Ebonie Smith also joined Webster for an illuminating conversation; she has worked on many high-profile projects, including Hamilton and Dear Evan Hansen. She has also produced for dozens of top artists like Janelle Monáe, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Jon Batiste. Currently an audio engineer and producer for Atlantic Records, Smith holds a master’s degree in music technology from New York University and an undergraduate degree from Barnard College. Music production is a very male-dominated space, so Smith’s experiences and success provided important insight into the industry.

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