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DJs Get Into Streaming Revenue Mix; Drake Ruled Spotify, Apple Music in 2018; SoundCloud Connects with Dubset


DJs Get Into Streaming Revenue
DJs are about to get a cut of streaming revenue, a new source of funds for artists who typically make a living performing in front of live audiences.


Drake Is The King Of Spotify And Apple Music As Top Streaming 2018
The Toronto rapper dominated the streaming services end-of-the-year rankings.

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SoundCloud Mixes Things Up With Dubset

After recently making waves by allowing its users to link back to their Instagram stories, SoundCloud is mixing things up once again by integrating Dubset into their platform, allowing tracks to be scanned and then collecting and distributing royalties to the appropriate rightsholders.

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How KKBox uses big data to change music streaming

In Taiwan, regional digital music platform KKBox is using big data to develop a whole new music app that allows users to enjoy pop music for free.

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Mixcloud launches subscriptions option for individual
Just over a year ago, Nico Perez of Mixcloud told Music Ally about plans to let DJs, labels, podcasters and other creators charge subscriptions.

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Here’s Why Apple Had No Other Choice But Bring Its Music Service To Amazon Alexa Smart
Apple has finally bowed to its music subscribers by letting them play their favorite songs on Amazon Echo smart speakers. So far, only the tech giant’s own smart speaker, the HomePod, was able to stream content from Apple Music and we expect that Google Home support is coming soon as well.

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New music legislation set to boost artist royalties, and may give independents a more fair
The signing of the much anticipated Music Modernization Act (MMA) will have an impact on the music industry, and could trickle down to independent artists.

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Radio Industry Group Wants FCC to Eliminate Competition Rules Limiting
The National Association of Broadcasters is encouraging the FCC to relax, if not eliminate all together, any restrictions on how many stations a single owner can have in one market.

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These 5 Music Genres Grew The Most On Spotify In
Alongside the usual most streamed artists, songs and albums lists of 2018, Spotify added the 5 fastest growing music genres on the platform. Several of them barely existed just 12 months ago. Genres That Grew the Most On Spotify in 2018 EMO Rap Lo-fi Beats Deep Talent Show Ringtone Brega…

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Record Union wants indie acknowledgment from streaming
Digital music distributor Record Union has launched a campaign targeted at music-streaming services on behalf of independent artists.


Spotify Is Said to Secure Rights to Booming Indian Music
The world’s largest music streaming service has secured deals with many of the major rights holders in India over the past few months, clearing one of its final hurdles to entering the country of 1.3 billion people, according to people familiar with the pacts.



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