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EU to Investigate Apple’s Music Service; Deezer Updates its Look, App; Musical Artist Questions for Streaming Music Services

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European Union to Investigate Spotify’s Apple Antitrust
The European Commission, the regulatory body of the European Union, will start a formal investigation into Apple following an antitrust complaint filed by music streaming service Spotify.

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Musical Artist Questions for the “DSP”’s (aka Streaming Music Services)

After attending these same panels at the conference in 2018, I wrote about how difficult it can be to manage an artist presence on multiple streaming services.

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Music streaming service Deezer updates its look and
Global music streaming service Deezer has updated its app with a new look and feel that makes it easier for users to navigate the company’s diverse audio content library.


YouTube Music for Android can play your local song
If YouTube Music is going to fully replace Google Play Music, it will need to handle many of the features that listeners take for granted — and now, local play…


Discogs Founder Kevin Lewandowski

AnalogPlanet editor Michael Fremer first encountered Discogs founder Kevin Lewandowski back in 2013 at the giant Utrecht Record Fair in The Netherlands. Lewandowski was there to promote Discogs and of course to buy records.


Will TikTok stars ever make money?
People on the video sharing app have huge followings, but make a fraction of what they could on Instagram or YouTube. Why are they loyal?


Beginner songwriter Abby Cole experiments with streaming
Like many young songwriters, Abby Cole turned to third-party distributors to make her music available on Spotify, Apple Music, and other streaming platforms.

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Music Sync Is Ripe For

Music sync is ripe for innovation and change, says MIDiA’s Mark Mulligan, after extensive research of the sector.

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Spotify, Pandora Beat Apple Music In Brand Intimacy

Music takes center stage in MBLM’s Brand Intimacy 2019 Study with Spotify, Pandora and Apple Music all landing in the in the top 5.

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It’s Easier For New Artists To Gain Traction On Spotify says CEO Daniel

CEO Daniel Ek shared some stats that show that the despite the fact that 40,000 new tracks are uploaded daily, more artists than ever are being discovered on the platform than ever before.

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The gloves come off: music streaming in
With a large number of users to tap into, India is a strategic market for streaming platforms from across the world. Now, with Spotify and YouTube Music’s entry, things are heating up

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Apple, Luminary, Spotify, and the podcast wars to

The podcast wars are coming.

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