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Facebook’s Cryptocurrency & the Music Industry; UnitedMasters Releases iPhone App for DIY Cross-Service Music Distribution

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The Potential Impact Of Facebook’s Cryptocurrency ‘Libra’ On The Music
A look into Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, Spotify becoming one of the founding members of the Libra Association and the subsequent potential impact on the music industry.

UnitedMasters releases iPhone app for DIY cross-service music

Alphabet-backed UnitedMasters, the music label distribution startup and record label alternative that offers artists 100% ownership of everything they create, launched its iPhone app.

Why haven’t Spotify released an offical pre-save tool?
Back in November 2016 Music Ally wrote an article about how Laura Marling fans could pre-save her new album on Spotify. This was the first ever pre-save. This functionality wasn’t (and still …

The Mechanics of Music Streaming: The Five Trends Shaping the Streaming

The adoption of streaming is by far the most significant shift in the industry in the last ten years — and that’s a shift that is still ongoing.

Why does the music industry still judge itself in weekly intervals?

Do you know why the seven-day week exists?

Are the Major Record Companies Signing Too Many Artists?

Recent stats raise an important question: How can the major labels perform at an optimum level with two new artists a day to develop, record, promote and market?

Vodafone’s ‘My Muze’ Music Streaming App Quietly Reaches Over a Million Downloads in South
Vodafone’s ‘My Muze’ music streaming and download app has reached over a million installs on the Play Store following its launch in April.

5 Trends That Make Gen Z The Streaming

The Culture Next Trends report commissioned by Spotify and research agency Culture Co-Op looks into the empowered, multinational, cross-cultural, socially aware, and informed group of 15- to 24-year-olds dubbed Generation Z.

The rate per stream and the future of the music
Have you ever wondered how much money you get from hitting the million stream mark on Spotify? Turns out, it’s harder than ever to judge.

Starting a Music-Focused

Over the past few years, we’ve seen podcasts explode in literally every industry, covering every possible topic, and the music industry is certainly no exception.

Spotify Stations vs Pandora: what’s the best way to get streaming radio?
There’s no shortage of places to listen to a radio stream when an algorithm is the DJ, but which apps do it the best?

Classical music could be the next big thing for music
A new report suggests that the next genre to take off on music streaming services is classical music, with a boom in popularity.

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