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Fave Welcomes BTS ARMY as the Latest Unlocked Fandom, Launches New Fan Marketplace

Anyone who has spent time on the Internet has seen them: superfans so passionate they can hardly contain their adoration. Fave ( has made it their mission to create a safe, creative, fan-centered space for those superfans.

With Fave’s latest update, fans of the K-pop band BTS, a fandom known as ARMY, will now have their own dedicated community within the app.

The multi-day launch will be full of opportunities for fans to get involved, such as live “cupsleeve” events around the US where fans will gather to immerse in BTS together, a virtual dance class to learn choreography to their hits, watch parties, celebrations for members’ birthdays, and much more.

Some of those dedicated enthusiasts are already excited for the fandom’s arrival to Fave, and are getting fellow ARMY members on the hype train.“We’re on several platforms, this is true, but imagine a place where we have our own VIP section with no unneeded drama, and having fun expressing our love for BTS in the several ways we as ARMY know how!” wrote BTS fan influencer Dani.

Fave will also feature a Fan Marketplace, something BTS fans have been excited about since the early whisperings of the ARMY’s inclusion.

The marketplace, which is launching in coordination with BTS’ introduction to the platform, will provide an Etsy-like space to showcase fan creativity and sell goods and services from fans to fans, such as fan-made accessories or unique merchandise.

This next step in the creator economy will make it easier for fans to monetize their own fandom passion and potentially make a living from it, now on the Fave platform.

Artists and bands that choose to do so will be able to participate in a passive incremental revenue stream from fan-to-fan sales within the marketplace, making it a win-win scenario for all parties involved.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the BTS ARMY onto Fave — one of the most passionate fandoms we’ve witnessed. They’ve proven how important it is to them to support fellow ARMY and empower each other, not only the artist they love, which aligns exactly with the mission of Fave. It’s been humbling to see the depth of support and genuine excitement from ARMY across the world from Fave’s impending launch, and we’re grateful to partner with many of the fans directly to make this happen strongly. We can’t wait to give them this dedicated home to let this fandom connect even more deeply and have a blast together.” said Jacquelle Amankonah Horton, Fave’s Founder and CEO.

Fave enjoys the support of HYBE, who already boasts a robust K-POP fandom platform for fans of BTS with more than 10 million downloads, and is a current Fave investor. “Through its investment in Fave, HYBE plans to seek new opportunities in the fan-to-fan platform business while expanding synergy in the fandom business” said Tae-Ho Kim, CEO of HYBE’s Weverse Company, at the time of their investment. “We expect Fave, which has know-how and technical skills in the U.S. fandom platform market, to bring synergy to HYBE’s platform business.”

While Fave is fan-driven and partners closely with fan influencers, artists can also use the platform to gain direct feedback from fans and encourage their creativity. “I hope to watch ARMY thrive even further together by allowing ARMYs to have a place to showcase their amazing creativity and fan stories about how much BTS means to them, provide many methods for fans across the globe to feel connected, and so much more. This is just the beginning,” Horton said. “We can’t wait to evolve Fave in partnership with these fans as we continue.”


8/18 ARMY Log on Launch Day:

- ARMY Log, a spinoff of Bangtan Log, where fans will share how they became an ARMY, how they discovered BTS, what they love about the fandom/BTS, and more
- ARMY Log will be a recurring series with new topics every month

8/21 Dynamite Celebrations:

- Many activities to celebrate the one year release of Dynamite
- Channels dedicated to favorite Dynamite performance, Dynamite covers, Dynamite fanart, Dynamite edits, and more
- Collaboration with Euphoria Dance NY to teach the choreography of Dynamite virtually to fans
- Dynamite Dance Challenge Channel where fans show off what they learned from the virtual Dynamite dance class

8/23 Eat ARMY:

- A spinoff of Eat Jin where ARMYs will create videos trying out new recipes and make mukbang style videos
- A recurring series with new recipes each month

8/24 Album Discussion: 2 Cool 4 Skool:

- Fans can discuss their favorite track, conduct lyric analysis, discuss performances, music videos from the album 2 Cool 4 Skool
- An ongoing series for BTS music that includes collaborations, solo projects, covers, SoundCloud music, and more

8/27 BTS Karaoke Night:

- ARMYs can join in on a BTS Karaoke night, where fans can create the playlist of BTS tracks to stream on Fave
- Post karaoke night, fans can go on Fave and continue the jam session by sharing covers of the songs they missed or other tracks they want to belt out

8/31–9/1 Jungkook Birthday Festivities:

- In celebration of BTS member Jungkook’s birthday, fans can share everything they love about Jungkook, including but not limited to favorite tracks, projects, interview moments, performances, quotes, and more
- Fans can also share how they are celebrating Jungkook’s Birthday by mentioning cupsleeve events they attend, streaming parties they host, fan art and fan edits they create, and more

Run BTS:

- Fave will host watch parties for BTS content such as Run BTS
- Occasionally recreate certain activities and challenges that occur on these shows on the platform
- Over the coming weeks, Fave will also be able to host watch parties for BTS performances, interviews, exclusive content, and more

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