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Feed Media Group and SweatWorks Announce Strategic Partnership

Feed Media Group, the leader in music services for the fitness industry, announced today that they have formed a strategic partnership with SweatWorks, a leading technology company in the digital fitness space.

This partnership means their mutual customers can now leverage their collective expertise in combining great music with world-leading custom digital experiences.

For their respective and future clients this announcement means SweatWorks customers will have access to preferential pricing. With Feed Media Group customers benefiting from considerable cost savings by using SweatWorks “pre-built” integrations when developing their app through SweatWorks at no extra cost.

“Sweatworks has consistently delivered forward-thinking, innovative digital and physical fitness products, which integrate beautifully with Feed Media Group’s music services and technology,” said Jeff Yasuda, CEO, Feed Media Group. “We are honored to partner with SweatWorks to create the future of connected fitness experiences.”

The strategic partnership cements what has been a long and successful relationship between the two companies which has already resulted in several recent high profile fitness product launches, including MYXfitness, a $1 Billion home fitness hardware and subscription company and CITYROW, a company whose rower and accompanying subscription service has been a successful newcomer to the industry.

The two companies have also collaborated to develop products for other fitness companies including, Openfit, CLMBR and Hygear.

“At SweatWorks we put the user at the heart of every experience we create,” said Mohammed Iqbal, Founder & CEO, SweatWorks. “And we know that workouts that include music drive a more enriching and engaging experience. That’s why formalizing our collaboration with Feed Media Group is so important to us as we build the digital fitness apps and hardware for the future for our clients.”

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that the right music at the right time arouses an exerciser before a workout, distracts from fatigue while boosting efficiency during exercise, and improves mood after a workout. Studies have shown that music also drives higher customer retention and engagement. Feed Media Group’s own research shows that users that listen to music during their workouts have higher 90 day customer retention rates and longer average session duration than users that do not listen to music.

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