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Feed Media Group Hires Curation Operations Manager Arturo Lovazzano

The innovators of music licensing and distribution at Feed Media Group (FMG) have added a new member to the team, Arturo Lovazanno.

Starting this month, Lovazanno steps into the role of Curation Operations Manager and brings with him a wealth of experience from companies like Warner Music Group, Apple, and Samsung. FMG, which helps apps and digital services incorporate music legally and elegantly, relies on thoughtfully curated music to enhance end user experience.

Lovazzano spent the bulk of his early career with Warner Music Group, working his way up to international Director of Marketing for Warner Bros. Records. His talent for music marketing and his understanding of the significance of bilingual music grabbed the attention of Apple, who hired him as the Artist and Label Relations Manager for the Latin music store within iTunes. Lovazzano then earned his MBA in Design and Strategy from California College of the Arts before joining Samsung for eight years as Senior Manager of the Galaxy Store.

Now, Lovazzano is thrilled to find a company that fits his values. “Everything at FMG feels important,” he said. “Nothing is taken for granted. I’ve never experienced so much appreciation for everyone’s efforts and input. Here, you have direct access and real impact on decision making. I’m excited about the company culture and getting back into the music business.”

Considering the work ahead, Lovazzano plans to emphasize user experience and data to inform curation decisions. “We can use creativity to understand our users — that’s who we serve in the end,” he said. “We have to consider how the music affects their experience. For example, we have a plethora of data around which songs drive more intense workouts and get exercisers through challenging intervals. Data is incredibly useful and we always need to fine tune soundtracks, but the core of what offer combines both human expertise and powerful insights. There’s no algorithm that can replicate the knowledge and serendipity of a music-loving curator.”

The leadership team at FMG appreciates how important Lovazanno’s role is. “Combining the deep expertise of musicologists and the power of machine learning is our ‘secret sauce,’” said COO Lauren Pufpaf. “Our platform combines pre-cleared catalogs with the industry’s best curation team, user analytics, and rightsholder payments, which is truly unique. We’re excited to add Arturo’s perspective and experience to continue supporting our partners with creativity that improves their bottom line.”


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