HFA’s Rumblefish Delivers Music Administration Services for Adaptr

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Jun 3 · 2 min read

HFA’s Rumblefish, the nation’s leading provider of music industry rights administration services, entered into an agreement with Feed Media Group, to provide music rights administration support for Adaptr, a B2B music platform offering licensing, distribution, UX, and curation for early-stage companies and app developers, while making it easy for rightsholders to analyze usage and get paid.

Feed Media Group identified a need to bridge the gap between rightsholders and the startup community. They developed Adaptr so that early-stage companies can get to market quickly with rights-cleared popular music, ensuring a richer and engaging customer experience. By working with Rumblefish, Adaptr will provide its customers access to music from many music publishers, creating a one-to-many solution for both early-stage companies and rightsholders.

“We’re driven by our vision to give everyone the opportunity to experience the power of music. It’s a powerful language that connects us and has the ability to entertain, motivate, heal, move, and inspire us to live our best lives — and the research backs us up,” said Bryn Boughton, Head of Platform & Licensing at Feed Music Group.

“We are proud to provide rights administration support to Adaptr for their innovative new system,” said Lauren Apolito, SVP of Strategy and Business Development of Rumblefish. “Our relationship will allow for new revenue opportunities in the publishing market, especially for independent publishers.”

Adaptr soft launched to the music industry on January 25th with WMG, ADA, BMG, Kobalt, Warner Chappell, eOne and others as launch partners, and launched to the public on May 25, 2021.


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