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How AI is Reshaping the Music Business Globally; Spotify Readies New Podcast About The Clash

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How AI is Reshaping the Music Business
The fourth industrial revolution is in full effect, and companies, particularly in the music business, need to prepare a new set of strategies if they are to adapt and take full advantage of AI’s wave of change.

Spotify gets Chuck D for eight-part podcast about The
It was clear last week just how much welly Spotify is willing to put behind podcasts in the year ahead, with up to $500m earmarked for acquisitions of tech and content — including its deals for Gimlet Media and Anchor.

Don’t bore us, get to the chorus? How streaming is changing
Streaming has changed the way people consume music, and it may be changing the way songs are written. Researchers and songwriters alike observe that songs that do well on streaming have shorter instrumental intros and get to the chorus faster, to hook the listener as soon as possible.

Musiio Raises $1M To Bring Spotify-Like AI To Other Music Services, Labels,

Musiio has raised a $1 million seed round to continue development of its use of artificial intelligence (AI) which brings Spotify-like discovery and curation tools to other music services and AI driven A&R tools to labels and other music companies.

Ariana Grande’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Sets New Records on Apple
Ariana Grande’s newest album, ‘Thank U, Next,’ has already set multiple records on Apple Music following its release on Friday (Feb. 8).

Marshmello’s Virtual ‘Fortnite’ Concert Drove Major Streaming, Sales
Marshmello’s digital concert inside video game Fortnite over the weekend drew upwards of 10 million virtual attendees, according to initial estimates — and the masked DJ’s virtual stint appears to be paying off in reality, too.

Spotify Trounces Apple Music in Competition for Streaming Music Service Paid
Spotify paid subscribers are up 36% over last year. The company also announced the acquisition of Gimlet Media and Anchor.

Spotify Music Head on Muting Artists and That R. Kelly Debacle: “Our Intentions Were Good”
Ahead of Sunday’s Grammy Awards, Spotify Music Head opens up about muting artists and the power of the curated playlist.

The four types of music subscription models in
What music fans are spending money on every month — and how it’s going to evolve

What’s the secret to Spotify’s success?

Rappler talks to Spotify Southeast Asia’s top execs about the streaming platform’s success, Filipino music, and why love songs matter.

Israel and Wales get new local-focused music-streaming
Shiri is a new music app launched by the National Library of Israel, with a catalogue of more than 400k tracks by Israeli artists.



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