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How Blockchain Technologies Will Empower Artists; Of Branded Playlists and Artist Payment

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How Blockchain Technologies Will Empower

Technology and art have always been closely intertwined, and blockchain is no exception.

Should Artists Get a Cut When Their Songs Land On Branded Playlists on Spotify?
When a brand curates its own playlist it is using songs specifically to influence a consumer’s perception of the brand, so should artists be compensated for being a part of what is essentially advertising?

The reggaeton revolution is here and Nicky Jam saw it
Thanks to the power of streaming, artists like Nicky Jam have been able to reach mainstream success as platforms like Spotify revolutionize the music industry.

Tencent Music Entertainment Group Preparing
Tencent Music, China’s largest music-streaming company, is preparing what would be one of the largest tech IPOs ever.

Musiio uses AI to help the music industry curate tracks more

A former streaming industry exec and an AI specialist walk into a bar… they leave starting an AI company for the music industry.

From Rhapsody to Napster: How this pioneering music service coulda been Spotify — and why it isn’
In streaming music, Spotify gets the glory. Yet the Seattle-based service originally known as Rhapsody was the streaming pioneer. Now operating under the Napster brand, it seemed perfectly positioned to be where Spotify is today. It’s not. This is why.

MTN introduces music streaming service in

The partnership which has been dubbed the first of it’s kind in Nigeria allows subscribers on the platform to stream over three million international songs from various categories.

Congress Should Tweak — and Pass — the Music Modernization
There’s every reason to believe this new organization will distribute royalties much better than the current system. There’s just not much of an incentive, other than transparency, to make sure it does.

5 Awesome Tools for Music

Electronic music production is more accessible than ever, thanks to an influx of tools available on the interweb.

Indie DIY Artists Are 2.7% Of The Music
Indie DIY artists revenue grew handsomely last year, but still only represents a small fraction of the recorded music industry’s income.

Things I Wish Spotify Did
Spotify has been a big part of my daily routine for years. And I’m not likely to abandon it anytime soon, but there are little tweaks that I wish it did better just to make my experiance a little simpler. So Spotify, please, get on it.

iPod recycling program revives love of music for the elderly and dementia
Nursing home patients saw noticeable changes in activity, mood, and memory when they started listening to their favorite music using recycled iPods.



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