How Significant Is the Music Industry’s Rebound?


2016 Was the Music Industry’s Most Profitable Year in a While, Thanks to Streaming. Will the Growth Continue? — 
 Last year saw an upturn in profits thanks to gains in streaming — but many more users will have to sign up in order for growth to continue.

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It’s a Streaming World —

Spotify and Apple Music now dominate music sales, but no one is happy about it.

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Creatives as victims: are artists really screwed? — 
 With the platformization of the web, creatives are set up to compete for attention while the platforms that host their content benefit from monetization at scale.

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Kanye West Fans Are Asking Why ‘The Life of Pablo’ Is Currently Missing on Spotify —

The sudden disappearance of Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo from some Spotify users’ queues is fueling fan speculation about the ongoing competition between streaming music services.

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Spotify (Basically) Tells Its Free Users, ‘Go Pirate!’ —

Because Spotify’s decision affects 50 million users, this move could create huge waves for both Spotify and the music industry as a whole, since it could encourage users to regress from free (and legal) methods to their familiar free (and illegal) methods.

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Warner Music Sells Digital Distributor Zebralution — 
 The founders of European digital distributor Zebralution have helped purchase the company back from Warner Music Group, it was announced Monday.


When Shazam Scoops Your Album Announcement —

Part of the thinking behind having unreleased albums on Shazam is that once industry folks around the world start picking out singles, playing songs on the radio, or posting audio snippets, it’s helpful if listeners can learn what they’re hearing.

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Spotify UX Analysis and Redesign — Prototyping: From UX to Front End — 
 I love music and use Spotify everyday, when I’m struggling to get up in the morning, when I’m focusing at work and when I’m taking a shower in the evening. It has been a pleasant experience with…

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Deezer Introduces Search by Lyric — 
 Two years ago, Deezer introduced the ability to display lyrics while listening to a song. Today, almost 6 million tracks are available with lyrics. In the Deezer tech team, we thought it would be…


Australia Shows Huge Growth In Music Revenue — 
 The land down under is making a killing.

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Audiotube Delivers ‘Fairtrade’ Digital Music Distribution — 
 In the context of the fast developing self distributed Artists market, Scott de Mercado (Audiotube Founder and CEO) has sought to address the growing demand for more transparent Artist centric digital services.