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How Streaming is Changing Music Consumption

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I Feel It Coming — How Streaming is Changing Music

I used to say this same mantra all the time when I talked with people about my thesis on streaming services — artists and labels need to find a way to monetize music despite the fact modern consumers don’t want to pay for it anymore. But the more time passes, the less options I see for achieving this goal to any meaningful degree, let alone to a level comparable to where music sales used to be.

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iHeartRadio Partners With ART19 for Enhanced Podcasting
If you’re California-based podcast hosting, monetization and distribution startup ART19, however, you partner with iHeartRadio to create a whole new API.


Universal Music and Spotify talk music-streaming in
Spotify and Universal Music kicked off our NY:LON Connect conference in London this morning by giving their views on the state of the music-streaming market


Have we truly turned a corner with music-streaming?
Thanks to strong growth for Spotify and Apple Music in 2016, the music industry ended last year with 100 million people paying for streaming subscriptions.


Jay Z’s Tidal is worth $600 million — not quite Spotify or Apple Music, but still 10 times what he paid in
Whatever troubles Jay Z is facing with his music streaming service Tidal, there’s no denying how astonishingly far it’s come. When the rapper first bought Tidal back in 2015, he shelled out $56 million to its Swedish parent company Aspiro, and, in return, got a scrappy, high-fidelity streaming business that seemed unlikely to topple the reign…

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Yandex.Music, Russian-Owned Streaming Service, Triples
With 250K subscribers the music service is now ahead of Google Play but behind Apple Music.

Ed peto

How ‘sleeping giant’ China is waking up to legal
Until recently, China was seen as a hugely problematic market for the recorded-music industry, with piracy dominant against legal digital music services.



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