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How Tidal Can Embrace Its Mission to Win the Music Streaming Wars; Spotify’s Car Gadget; Mixcloud’s In-House Brand Consultancy

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How Tidal Can Embrace Its Mission To Win The Music Streaming
Tidal still has significant advantages because of their ownership and their artist friendly mission “of bringing fans and artists closer together and creating a sustainable industry model that values music and artists.”


We just got our best look yet at Spotify’s mysterious music streaming gadget, the Car Thing, and it has built-in LTE
A filing with the FCC shows off Spotify’s mysterious Car Thing — which was announced in May, but not put up for sale.


Mixcloud launches Loud, a new in-house brand
Streaming service Mixcloud has launched its own in-house brand consultancy, Loud.


Metallica’s Kirk Hammett on Napster: ‘We Didn’t Make a Difference’

Guitarist looks back on how the record industry changed since file-sharing reduced the value of compact discs.

Lil nas x billy ray spotify 2020 billboard 1548

Here’s What Went Down at Spotify’s Best New Artist Party With Billie Eilish, Lil Nas X, Rosalia and
Three nights before the annual Grammy awards, all eight best new artist nominees delivered stadium-level performances to a much more intimate crowd at Spotify’s Best New Artist party.

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Why Audiogon Is the Most Positively Disruptive Force in High-End
Jerry Del Colliano reflects on an Internet community for the audiophile world…

Kid kelly 2020 billboard 1548

Veteran Radio DJ Kid Kelly Leaves
Kid Kelly, the veteran radio personality and programmer who has broken numerous pop stars at influential stations such as New York’s Z100 before landing at SiriusXM, has abruptly left the satellite-radio giant.

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Amazon and Google sued again over bootleg
Another round of lawsuits have been filed accusing the digital services of carrying a load of unlicensed recordings, pushed onto their platforms by independent record companies with no rights in that music. The latest litigation targets Amazon and Google.

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Sonos clarifies how unsupported devices will be

Smart speaker manufacturer Sonos clarified its stance when it comes to old devices that are no longer supported.

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Amazon Music could soon beat Apple — but Spotify is still the streaming
Amazon Music has just surpassed 55 million subscribers, closing in on Apple’s 60 million.

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‘NTS is all about total freedom of expression. That lies at the core of it.’

Launched in 2011, with a £5,000 budget and a pair of CDJs from a Littlewoods catalog, London-born music platform NTS now attracts over 1.5 million monthly unique listeners, and is currently growing between 3–10% a month.

She is the music logo 2019 billboard 1548

She Is The Music Announces ‘SITM12’ Campaign Supported by Major Labels, Disney Music Group, Spotify &
“SITM was created to increase the percentage of women working in music and those numbers are finally beginning to shift,” said co-founder Jody Gerson. “As we drive forward in full force, this campaign will be crucial to this pivotal moment of change.

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Discovery Networks Reverses Decision to Buy Out Composers’ Music Rights, Will Continue Paying
Following a massive outcry by the music creator community, Discovery Networks has reversed a previous decision to enforce buyouts of composers’ music rights — a move that would have resulted in deep cuts to composers’ incomes — and will instead stick to the long-established performing rights model that pays out backend royalties for their work.

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