JackTrip Labs Launches Virtual Jam Competition to Get Everyone Playing Remotely

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3 min readOct 20, 2022


JackTrip Labs, the virtual rehearsal and jamming platform, has launched a new fun way to engage with the company’s many, ultra low-latency collaboration features. Co-sponsored by Sweetwater, Jacktrip’s Battle of the Jams lets bands experiment and create together remotely — and broadcast the session to their fans. Those who get the most love from friends and supporters via likes will win weekly prizes.

“Jam sessions can lead to real creative breakthroughs, not to mention good times,” explains Russell Gavin, co-founder and COO of JackTrip. “We want to democratize the process and encourage people to get back into the groove and to play more music.”

“JackTrip makes music collaboration easier and more accessible for all ages and types of musicians. We are pleased to partner with JackTrip to encourage people to use this cutting-edge technology to create more music in the world, something Sweetwater is passionate about,” says Mike Clem, Chief Growth Officer, Sweetwater.

Based on tech developed by a collaboration between Stanford’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics and Silicon Valley software entrepreneurs, JackTrip allows everyone from an intimate duo to a hundred-singer chorus to connect and make music together with high-quality, uncompressed audio and no lags. These remote experiences can be shared with viewers, opening up a world of creative possibilities for musicians wanting to create together despite distance and connect with fans in new ways.

A hip hop crew can bounce across the metro area for their own beat battle. Singers can harmonize perfectly, even if separated by dozens of miles. A jazz quartet with wicked scheduling challenges can finally get together and play to their heart’s content.

A public broadcast on JackTrip Radio is free, and only requires a quick download of JackTrip’s easy-to-use JackTrip Virtual Studio software. To participate in Battle of the Jams, two or more people need to join the performance virtually from different locations. During and after the jam, bands will get their fans to vote for their performance. The award will go to the host with the most and to one random host every week from now until December 25, 2022. Awards include up to $250 in gift cards from Sweetwater and 3,000 free minutes in JackTrip Virtual Studio.

“We wanted to give musicians an extra nudge to get together virtually and jam. We’ve set up some amazing sessions with veteran musicians, including a founding member of Earth, Wind, & Fire, and they have been blown away,” Gavin notes. “The ultra-low latency and the pristine audio quality transforms the virtual experience into something powerful. We want more people to feel it.”

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