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Kasabian’s Ian Matthews’ Web3 Business Buys Music Smartlinking Startup

Ian Matthew’s Web3 business Chapel has acquired Bristol-based music and creator smartlinking startup

The post-acquisition business — now named Amplify — will use Web3 innovation to bring together and empower artists and creators to thrive in the modern world, giving them the ability to create long lasting income from live gigs- after the gig’s are over, using DeFi (decentralised finance instruments powered by blockchain technology).

The music industry is currently worth £33 billion globally, yet artists only see on average 12% of the profit, with the remaining 88% taken by streaming services, record labels and other middlemen. For the majority of artists, live performances and touring have traditionally been the main source of income — however with the pandemic leaving lasting health challenges around live events, and one in three jobs in the music industry being lost during this time, the very fabric of the industry is ripe for disruption and artists are in need of new innovative revenue streams.

Amplify aims to bring Web3 into the music mainstream, enabling them to not just survive but thrive in today’s world. Already offers smart linking and marketing tools to allow artists and creators to connect and monetise their fans more effectively, and with the introduction of Web3, they can not only earn from these relationships in new ways, but own their data and build strong communities too.

Through this acquisition, Amplify’s powerful network of backers now includes Snoop Dogg and Deadmau5 (both investors in Europe’s largest Web3 venture fund Outlier Ventures), and some of Web3’s most prominent thought leaders such as Silly Tuna and Maxstealth.

Amplify’s mission is to build a bridge between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. Empowering artists to earn more whilst creating sustainable businesses around their passions, own their data and engage with their audiences like never before, maximising our collective artistic experience.

Join the Discord community here to have your say in the journey and be on the ground floor of the Web3 music revolution.

Ian Matthews, Kasabian & Chief Music Officer at Amplify commented:

“Web3 will have a huge role to play in the future with the music industry. It will open up a whole new realm of possibilities in the way artists are rewarded for performing both live shows and within virtual events. Having worked as a musician most of my life I am well aware of the constant financial pressure that comes with the job, so I’m excited to head-up a project that aims to make it far more financially viable to work and survive in the industry. The last couple of years in particular have been hard on the sector, affecting not only musicians, but also small venues and promoters alike. At Amplify we want to bring financial balance to the entire music industry at a time when it’s needed more than ever, and be able to offer the opportunity for those who work within it, particularly the artists who breathe life into it, the ability to reclaim control over their income through expressing their art. ”

Irfon Watkins, CEO, Amplify commented:

“Amplify is leading the way in helping emerging and established artists get fairly paid for their work. was an obvious fit for Chapel, our perspectives are aligned and we are both on the mission to democratise the music industry. I firmly believe that Web3 is the future for the music industry, DAOs will become a standard part of the industry & DeFi will become much more frequently used. As a result independent artists will be able to thrive, the struggles we saw in the pandemic from the cancellations of live music would not have as much of a catastrophic effect on their income, thanks to DeFi and advances in the Metaverse.”

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