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LÜM Bringing Indie Artists to Commercial Spotlight; Make a Hit Record From Your Bedroom; Viral TikTok Trend Boosts Dirty Heads’ Tune

Want to Make a Hit Record From Your Bedroom? Ask
The music tools startup has just raised $55 million and is valued at close to $500 million.

LÜM’s New Approach to Sync Brings Indie Artists into Commercial

This fight between the old guard and the new disruptors has never been more prevalent than what we are seeing right now in the music industry.

Viral TikTok Trend Helps Dirty Heads’ Single ‘Vacation’ Make a Global

Southern California’s alt-rock band Dirty Heads are making a splash with their 2017 track “Vacation,” which earned great charting and streaming success and garnered a TikTok trend in summer 2019 that was catapulted in early January 2021.

How Music’s Business Managers Are Tracking Revenue — And Getting Their Artists Bi-Weekly

The startup HIFI is offering to help solve an unlikely mystery for music’s top artists and their business managers: how much money they’re actually making.

DIY artists released 9.5m tracks in 2020–8x the major
As lockdown took hold, major labels released 1.2m songs in 2020; DIY artists released a staggering 9.5m. That’s an 8 to 1 ratio of artists doing it themselves to labels doing it for them

How Do I Get a License to Stream Music?
Music API, music for business, Music Licensing 101, commercial music streaming service, legal music integration, customer engagement, workout music

Apple Music to introduce lyric sharing

When available on wider release, subscribers will be able to choose to share it either through the Messages app or on Instagram through Stories.

Spotify HiFi is a lossless streaming tier coming later this
Spotify has announced Spotify HiFi, a high-quality streaming tier that will launch later this year. Competitors like Tidal and Amazon already offer lossless streaming, but now the leading music service is getting on board.

Vampr raises a further £570,000 to expand social-professional network for

In the past year, the music start-up has seen its Monthly Active Users grow by 400%.

Daughtry Embraces the Next Frontier of Live Music with Gigs Live Interactive

Gigs Live interactive streaming and networking platform is bringing multi-platinum, Grammy-nominated rock band Daughtry to your living room for an exclusive, virtual concert.

Spotify is testing a redesigned (and much-improved) library
The Spotify app hasn’t seen a major design overhaul for a few years now, but it does get incremental updates on a regular basis. The latest section of the

Nearly 12 Million Vinyl Records Sold in
2020 saw almost 12 million vinyl records sold. This was part of more than 16 million pieces of physical music that was sold worldwide.

TuneIn’s music licensing battle with the record industry reaches the court of

As expected, the radio station aggregator was again keen to position itself as simply a sophisticated search engine, meaning that it shouldn’t be any more liable for copyright infringement by connecting people to foreign radio stations than Google.

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