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Labels Seek Better Deal From Tik Tok; Spotify App Redesign Coming to Help Podcast Lovers; Waze Integrates Pandora


TikTok Is the New Music Kingmaker, and Labels Want to Get
They’re seeking a better deal after they missed the rise of the social video platform and sold music rights for a flat fee.

Podcasts on Spotiy: App Redesign Coming to Help Podcast

Spotify is testing a new version of its app that gives podcasts more prominence, an overhaul the company hopes will make it easier for people to find and listen to the radio-style programs.

The average salary of a Spotify employee hit $132,301 last year — more than double what it was in
How the salaries at streaming music’s market leader have changed over the past decade

Seven Years Later, the RIAA & MPAA Are Still Litigating Against
A federal judge in Virginia has once again delayed the RIAA and the MPAA’s lawsuit against former cyberlocker Megaupload and founder Kim Dotcom.

Apple’s new standalone Music app for macOS will still basically be

It’s been rumored that Apple will break up iTunes into its component parts in the upcoming macOS 10.15, with new Music, Video, and Podcast apps to replace the aging iTunes.

EU Could Make Music Streaming the Next Antitrust

The European Union will start a formal probe of Apple Inc. in the next few weeks following Spotify Technology SA’s antitrust complaint, the Financial Times reported.

Waze integrates Pandora for seamless road trip

Pandora users can now access their music through Waze, meaning you won’t have to flip between the apps as you drive.

Deezer’s free tier can be controlled with Amazon Alexa now, but not in the US and
Feature will roll out to Alexa-enabled devices over the next two weeks

Shakira Among Most-Streamed Musician Moms Globally on
Spotify has unveiled its global list of the Most-Streamed moms in the music industry, including Cardi B, Beyonce, Shakira, and more.

New SPLITS App From Create Music Group Aims to Solve Songwriting
In the free app, collaborators can generate and sign a split agreement — the document that clarifies individual contributions to a track for publishers — straight from their phones.

Will Music Streaming be the Next Anti-Trust Battle (Podcast)

Jennifer Rie, Bloomberg Intelligence Senior Analyst for Anti-trust Litigation discusses the latest anti-trust news including Spotify’s request for the European Union to investigate Apple for abuse of a dominant position and the Department of Justice’s approval of the CVS-Aetna deal.

SiriusXM’s new streaming-only ‘Essential’ plan targets smart speaker

Last week, Amazon and Google rolled out free music streaming services to cater to the growing base of smart speaker owners. Now, SiriusXM is going after this market, too.

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